Strategic Marketing Support for Expanding Business

Have you been established in the business world for some time and are now actively pursuing expansion and further growth? Are you searching for ways to refresh your marketing approach to cater to your customers’ and the industry’s evolving demands effectively? Are you looking for creative ways to stay competitive and relevant? We can help!

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Is this you?

Your company has been in business for quite some time, and you’re a pro at what you do! Your customers love you, and the feeling is mutual. Your sales team is already super cool, but they could use some extra help to generate more inbound leads and make the copy look fresh – so they can up their sales game of your amazing services. You take pride in providing top-notch customer service and delivering excellent work, but you could use some help in creating a marketing infrastructure and processes that bring consistency, clarity, and a sense of connectedness to your marketing communications. You understand that marketing is essential for business growth, but you want to find a marketing agency that takes ownership of its results, allowing you to focus on the big picture without micromanaging. Plus, you need an agency that’s data-savvy, so you can clearly see how your marketing budget contributes to the company’s success. We can help! 

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What is not working in your business:

  1. You don’t have a dedicated marketing team, or your team is maxed out 
  2. You are lacking in marketing consistency or connectedness to your business goals 
  3. You don’t have a clear understanding of your marketing data 

What Cucumber can help you with:

  1. Provide custom marketing strategy to create consistency and connectedness 
  2. Implement brand awareness and lead generation campaigns to drive  leads 
  3. Provide data-driven insights for all of your marketing decisions

We call this package Growth

The growing season is like a plant’s party time! It’s when everything’s perfect for them to thrive – warm weather, long days, and no frost to worry about. They sprout, grow big, and produce flowers and fruits. Farmers and gardeners love this time to plant and see their crops come to life! 

Just like the growth season is known for its peak growth, we’re here to help you manage and sustain that growth through highly strategic and data-driven marketing strategies for your business. Let’s keep the momentum going and watch your business grow! 🌱

Our diverse clientele includes lawyers, eye surgeons, dental implant specialists, cleaning and moving companies, property managers, realtors, winemakers, tree growers, honey foragers, coffee and consumer goods retailers, supplement manufacturers, steel fabricators, educators, babysitters, mining and heavy machinery equipment makers, DNA research labs, precious metal labs, construction firms, and business advisors – truly cool clients with amazing experiences! With our 15+ years of business and marketing experience, we are able to create truly personalized marketing support for your growing business. 

Team Cucumber has helped us during the most challenging time with the centre promotion during/post-COVID. We are very glad to see the growth of inquiries! We had a great time working with Cucumber Marketing. We are truly grateful for all the help they had offered to us.

- CEFA Crestwood Management Team