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Social Media Marketing. How visual are you?

Social media is evolving before our eyes, quicker than people are gaining an intolerance to wheat. In particular, it is becoming more about the visuals. What does this mean you say? This means it is important for you to learn more about visual marketing via social media, in order for your business to stay ahead of the game and remain engaging for your audience.

A lot of this influence has come from Pinterest, for example, which, according to shareaholic, is now the second largest driver of social media referral traffic in the world. Instagram is another big influence.

Facebook is currently one of the world’s largest inventories of images on the internet, and with this in mind, it is important to use it to our best ability when marketing.

Images that generate a lot of interest include original shots (great if you want to be personable), Infographics (great for sharing whilst showcasing your amazing creative ability) and text based images.

From my experience, text based images are especially a great way to share content in a creative and interesting way that is also branded. Use a visual and add content to it, just ensure it is inspiring, relevant and timely. Don’t include too much text on the image, this will mean interest is lost fast, remember, the majority of people on social media browse.

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Images that generate a lot of response include:

  • Tips
  • How to
  • Quotes
  • Check lists
  • Infographics

Keep in mind, that images are only a preview of the content.

Get creative and good luck!