Should You Share Blogs On LinkedIn Or Your Businesses Website?

If you’re on LinkedIn, you may have noticed a lot more blog posts being shared on the platform lately. That’s because, unlike posting blogs on your website where most people won’t see it, LinkedIn gives your written content a chance to be seen and appreciated by people who may find it useful. 

Did you know that LinkedIn content creators are beginning to establish themselves as experts in their respective fields? If what people share, such as blog posts, is useful and adds value to their readers, their content is shared by their connections and reaches other people outside their networks. When readers see a lot of valuable or insightful content from a content creator, they appear as experts in that subject, making readers want to subscribe to their content to avoid missing anything important they might share. Putting out quality content and helping your audience solve problems through your blog posts allows you to build authority in your target audience’s minds. This can allow you to generate inbound leads and let your LinkedIn account serve your business.

The concept of authority building should not be confused with audience building. If you post enjoyable, lighthearted content that does not solve your audience’s problems, you may gain a large following on LinkedIn; however, your audience will not come to you to ask for your help. 

Also, LinkedIn has 875 million members. This is a significantly lower number of users compared to other social media platforms such as Instagram, with over 1.2 billion users and Facebook, with almost 3 billion users. Paying more attention to LinkedIn can be beneficial as users on this platform are business focused. This is where businesses can find their target audience. 

Another advantage of posting your blogs on LinkedIn is that that platform allows you to see who likes, comments and shares your posts. You can also view who visits your profile page and track whether you are talking to your intended audience. This is something you can only try to track when posting on your website; however, because people are logged in using their personal information on LinkedIn, this information is made available for all content creators. 

Posting blogs on LinkedIn is advantageous because you can build authority in your niche. Your audience can then turn into potential customers for your business because of that sense of trust that you have created. Also, like most social media platforms, users are here to stay, so make those business connections and grow yourself as an expert in your respective field on LinkedIn. 

Have any questions?

Do you have questions about whether you should be posting on LinkedIn or your business’s website? Each business’s goals are different, and we would have to discuss yours to come up with a strategy that works for you. Reach out to our marketing agency in Vancouver; we will be happy to discuss this further with you!

Thank you for reading, and keep it cool!