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Presenting! Cool Vancouver Businesses – YYoga


Did you know there are over 382,600 *small businesses in BC? Vancouver itself being a true “Greenhouse” for small businesses. Well, not in that sense… Vancouver is cool. Vancouverites always think fresh. So we thought, hey, how do we connect our love for marketing, business, growth and our fascination with Vancouver? We thought, it’s time to pause and admire all the amazing businesses around us!

So, without further adieu, may we present, #UniquelyVancouver series – Marketing ideas like no other from businesses like nowhere else. 

Each month we will be profiling local (Vancouver + area), cool businesses that are so awesome, that we feel everyone should know about them. We will talk about the fresh marketing they are doing, so other cool businesses can get an idea or two from the best local business minds. It’s in our DNA to learn and grow, so we invite you to join us.

It’s January, and everyone has their New Year’s resolutions written down (or almost everyone). Refreshed goals, dreams and wishes. So what better way to  kick off our #UniquelyVancouver  series, than to talk about one of the coolest businesses in town – YYOGA! Perhaps this also goes in line with your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe.

So, here we go.

Coolness Factor

Check this out. You are at a yoga class and the teacher is late (no judgement). You are on your lunch break and really need to get your zen on. Five minutes into the class, the door opens and the guest service representative signals that the teacher is making her way through the traffic. Catastrophe! All of a sudden, a yogi next to you, turns around and says that he will teach the class and he is actually the CEO of YYOGA. True story! Terry McBride did fill in for one of his colleges and lead the class, until the teacher arrived. How cool is that? The day was saved and YYOGA got an extra coolness bonus factor for being true to what they stand for – community, and helping each other living a balanced life. I definitely felt more balanced after my yoga class that afternoon.

Vancouver Factor

YYoga is a yoga and wellness company based in Vancouver, with 13 studios around Canada they offer over 900 classes weekly in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Whistler and Toronto. Everyone knows this for a fact, that Vancouver is the capital of Yoga in Canada. So do we need to say more – YYOGA’s Vancouver factor is as hot as their hot yoga classes. Very hot. Steamy hot. Ah, this just makes me want to go there now, on this rainy day – there’s nothing better than a hot yoga class.

Marketing Hi5

I personally was stoked about this one! This year YYOGA introduced a new program – YRewards, to encourage yogis to get stretchy more often. With their cool mobile app, where you can set your personal goals and challenges, it’s easy to track your progress and keep yourself motivated. If you got a certain number of classes under your sweaty mat this year, then you get a reward – a fancy shopping bag (eco-friendly, of course), Manduka hand towel AND (ta-da!) coupons for free yoga classes, and mat + towel rental, for you and your friends. How awesome! This is super smart, classy and, really, who doesn’t like free swag (which is useful! ). So, Cucumber Crew will definitely be checking out YYOGA Flow location in downtown Vancouver soon! Stay tuned for the update on how we did. For now, a huge Marketing Hi5 to YYOGA. (Oh, and thanks for those shiny, new shower heads! Notes, and loved!)

Why Rewards Programs are cool:

  • They promote customer loyalty
  • They make you more “human” – this tells your customers that you “notice” them, and appreciate them
  • Rewards don’t have to be huge, it’s just a little token of thank you. An equivalent of: “hey, I like your new haircut”
  • Facilitate brand reach (when customers share their love for your services)
  • Encourage more purchases (with bonus points)
  • Add value to your brand, by showing that you respect your client’s values (so make sure the reward/bonus is meaningful )
  • Loyalty programs could be a great opportunity to partner with another business to add extra value to your existing services
  • They are fun!



Happy Marketing, Vancouver! Don’t forget to tell us which cool Vancouver business we should know about and stay tuned for our next #UniquelyVancouver post in February. Share your photos and tag us on Instagram @CuMarketing #UniquelyVancouver

*Small business is defined as those businesses with fewer than 50 employees plus businesses operated by self-employed individuals without paid help.