Always 'Like a Girl' ad campaign

Marketing meets purpose. Our favourite ads of 2014.

Being hopeless believers in meaningful marketing and branding, we couldn’t help but share our favourite ads and marketing campaigns of 2014.

Marketing is a powerful tool, and when used purposefully it can create tremendous waves, challenging the old school thinking, and shifting people’s paradigms.

We are happy to see these social ads, created by powerful corporations who are using their marketing budget in a clever way. Why these ads are so amazing is because they are authentic.  Don’t be fooled, the goal of marketing is to promote the company, its products or services, but what makes these marketing campaigns different is that they are not afraid of raising social issues. They are not afraid to take the risk of doing their marketing differently.

Give Presence.

We’ll start with our local – Vancouver’s superstar – Lululemon.

This ad holds a powerful message of staying present, and it couldn’t have been more timely to say this than during the family-gathering time of the year – Christmas. What an amazing reminder for us all, isn’t it?

The F-bombs.

This is simply outstanding! While could be shocking at first, if you think about it, there shouldn’t be anything shocking about it. The message is so powerful, raw and honest, that it would be ludicrous not to agree. Although, of course, I am sure there are many people who would disagree with me. And this is exactly what a perfect viral marketing campaign is made of.

Like a girl.

Always had previously captured our attention focusing on how women see themselves, vs. how other’s see them – encouraging self-love and compassion.  This year, they are warming our hearts with a similar message – empowering girls to believe in their strength.

Text and drive.

Simply powerful. Every movie should start with this ad.

Thank you, Mom.

Emotional. Powerful. True.

We are curious to see how marketing will change in 2015, but one thing is for sure – marketing is getting more personal, authentic and brand-focused.

Marketing that works, that is. 

Happy marketing! 

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