Marketing Predictions for 2023 – Three Marketing Terms to watch

Writing marketing predictions for the coming year is a tradition for some marketers. It’s always fun to look back and see what we’ve been predicting over the years and where we are now. As usual, the predictions are around engagement, authentic content and connection with the audience.

This year I thought I’d write a post about interesting marketing trends and terms to watch in the coming years and what it means for marketers today.

I love Google’s year in review – what people are searching for, as this most certainly reveals what’s on people’s minds. Here’s their recent reel for 2022 for us to first look back at before we jump into the future.

Brand’s Haptic Identity

This sound totally sci-fi, doesn’t it? If you have been enjoying one of the newest releases from Amazon – the Peripheral – the haptic connection between some of the characters may come to mind. But what does this mean for the brands? Brand’s haptic identity is a term I hear some marketers are starting to use. Haptic information, meaning related to the sense of touch. Some brands recently started to strive to create a sensory (brand) signature, something which leaves a sensory impression of the brand in people’s minds. I guess in our information-oversaturated world, as humans, we still seek tangible connections, and being interested in a brand in a realistic way is not something that is going to go away. Unless, of course, Metaverse allows us to experience online objects in virtual reality, appealing to haptic senses.

Brand’s Sonic Identity

Similar to haptic identity, sonic identity is also known as sound branding, acoustic branding and audio branding. This type of branding strategy involves using sound so as to reinforce brand identity. Popular examples of sonic branding include McDonald’s, Nokia and Windows. Be it a distinct voice of Siri or a Speedy Glass repair radio jingle (if you are in Vancouver, you know what I mean) – creating a sonic identity is just another way to appeal to human senses on a deeper level.

Curiosity-Powered Storytelling

I just came up with this marketing term – curiosity-powered storytelling. Curiosity is an eager desire to learn and often to learn what does not concern one, and this human emotion is being used more and more in marketing. Think of all the unboxing videos on YouTube or videos of kids playing with toys. And what about the food videos? People watching other people eat food? Wow! How will this human emotion be used in marketing even more in 2023? People who are open and curious orient their lives around an appreciation of novelty and a strong urge to explore, discover, and grow. This strange desire for novelty and exploration is what drives us to watch those videos. An element of surprise and predictability at the same time? Showing the experiential side of your brand on social media could be something to consider. How can you demonstrate your brand? How can you create a sense of discovery and exploration in your brand? I am curious where this goes, as humans are getting bored quickly with the same old visuals in social media marketing. This is good, as this keeps us marketers on our toes, forcing us to think fresh and develop interesting ways to engage with the audience.

What are some of the new trends and marketing terms you’ve heard lately? Let us know by commenting on our Instagram.

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Helen Stepchuk, CEO