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Instagram Has Just Made Two Big Announcements

Big announcements? What’s happening? We won’t leave you hanging any longer, here’s the news:

1. Instagram now has one billion monthly users worldwide.
2. Instagram has just released a new video content app called IGTV

One Billion Instagram Users

The number of Instagram users has grown rapidly since its launch eight years ago. In 2010, the platform had 1 million users and within two years, that number had already grown to 100 million.

Photo credit: TechCrunch
Source: TechCrunch

While 1 billion monthly Instagram users is still half the number Facebook has, it is a big enough number to make marketers think twice about how they’ve been using Instagram – if at all.

A marketing agency will generally recommend Facebook and Google as two great platforms for advertising, however, with 1 billion monthly users, Instagram shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially considering Instagram’s second big announcement.

What Is IGTV?

IGTV is an app that Instagram launched today, that allows creators to freely upload hour long videos for users to view, and search for, around the world.

IGTV will be available as a standalone app, or will be accessible via Instagram. Instagram users can expect to see the button to the IGTV app above their Instagram story feed at some point today.

As soon as users open IGTV, video will be playing – like how when a television is turned on, programming instantly begins. Users can also browse or search for other content.

Watch a demo of IGTV

IGTV is launching without any ads however, Instagram co-founder, Ken Systrom, has said that the app is “obviously a very reasonable place [for ads] to end up”.

It will be interesting to see how IGTV takes off and whether it will be as successful as the launch of Instagram stories, or a flop like Facebook’s Watch video hub.

If IGTV does well, this will be good news for marketers for two reasons. Firstly, it will be a place to share video content with engaged people (primarily the harder to target under 30s). Secondly, advertising will likely be launched on the app which could make advertisers consider changing their advertising and media strategy.

When IGTV appears in your Instagram app, let us know what you think! Keep an eye on our Instagram where we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the app.

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