Infographic: What influences your online shoppers?

For e-commerce brands, their branding and conversion tool is the same. Their website! Finding the right balance between aesthetics, brand offerings and usability is extremely important for an e-commerce website.

In the tussle to create a fresh modern website, we often end up taking for granted some basic factors that influence purchase decisions.These include usual things like third party reviews, customer service, having an updated social media presence, ensuring the website is user-friendly on all devices and conveys the message quickly.

This infographic outlines the factors that can influence an online purchase decision and attach numbers to each. These numbers are coming from a 2016 study conducted by RevampCRM and as website designers and marketing professionals, we can say they speak for the online shopping audience at large.

As your customer moves along the buying cycle, from the consideration stage to the purchase stage, your business needs to account for each of these.  Both, in your website and also in your marketing strategy.

Infographic Online Shopping Consumer behaviour

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