Clean house

Would you want to live in a dirty house?

Imagine this – you are the owner of a beautiful house, on the outside that is. The inside is dated, dirty, and not many of your friends want to or enjoy visiting it. They don’t know where to look and everything is a mess. Your house has become a reflection of YOU, and it’s letting you down.

This applies to a website design. If your website is dated, hard to navigate, there’s no recent and relevant information useful to the customer; are they really going to want to visit it? Most likely not. It doesn’t reflect your brand well and people lack trust because of it. If your website is (lets face it) rubbish, are people going to want to invest in your services? Again, highly doubtful.

Don’t live in a dirty house.

  • The first step to a full refurbishment is the actual website design. Design your website to reflect your brand and its values. Make it intriguing, yet easy to navigate.
  • If you have a WordPress website, make sure your version is the latest. Ensure you have secure hosting and your plugins are updated.
  • Update the content regularly with relevant information in the correct tone of voice, so people not only visit your website, they find the information they need, stay on it and return in the future.
  • Speak to clients, existing, past and potential on social media and drive traffic to your website, be personable.

A great website will mean a thriving business and will reflect well on your brand.