Limes and lemons

How would you like to be a “typical” customer?

We got an interesting call this morning. A lovely lady from Kelowna was wondering about our branding and web design prices. So the whole conversation went like this: ok so how much does it “typically” cost to build a website? Or how much does it “usually” cost to have a branding strategy done? Or how much does it “typically” cost to design a logo?

The whole conversation got me thinking. Is there such a thing as “typical”?

If you are a “typical” business, then you may be requiring a “typical web design”, but you are not. So how your branding and web design conversation should go is not around how much it costs, but what your business needs are (at this particular stage of its growth) and how a marketing agency can help you achieve them.

And of course, there are different price points for any service or product. I took a look around my desk to see all of my Apple helpers… So just like a computer or a phone – there’s no “typical” price for it. Besides, if you are a start up company, you don’t need a fancy website or overly-complicated branding strategy, just the essentials to let the world know about you. When your business grows to a certain point, then you will need to move up to the next level and spend more time on branding and perhaps refreshing your website design too.


Now, while I did not have a chance to go all philosophical on the lovely lady from Kelowna, I do hope she finds this article. As we all know it’s never about the price, and always about the value that your web design and branding provides to your growing business.

Happy Growing!