How to Show Your Value to Attract Customers

It doesn’t matter how great your product is if nobody knows you exist.

Attracting customers is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. There’s just so much competition out there that standing out from the crowd can be tough! This is where a professional marketing agency can help. With a well researched, data-driven marketing strategy, you’ll be able to leverage social media and the Google algorithm so your business can thrive.

“So how do we get you in front of the right customer?”

Start with Research

Understanding your customer is vital for putting together a successful marketing strategy. So who are you selling to? What issues do they have? How can your company help them?

At the end of the day, you aren’t selling a product or service, you’re selling a solution. People don’t buy laser eye surgery, they buy visual freedom; they don’t buy raw honey, they want a healthier alternative to processed sugar. 

Cool Tip:

Need help finding out what issues your customer have? Go to Amazon and check out the customer reviews. Look for customer comments like “This was great, except for…” If one person has the issues, there are bound to be others. Time to help them find a better solution! Hint: It’s you.

And it’s the same for B2B industries! Gold mining companies don’t purchase leach reactors, they buy efficient systems with higher gold recovery rates. So listen to your customers’ issues and provide solutions. 

Create Solutions-Based Content

Now that you understand your customers’ problems, you are ready to create content. It can be in the form of a blog, social media post, video, infographic, and much, much more. You can create a blog, turn that blog into an infographic, turn the infographic into a series of social media posts, then turn it into a helpful video, etc. Just make sure your content is helping your customer solve an issue. 

Blogs -The Basis of Successful Content Marketing Strategies

Blogs are a great way to create and turn out solutions-based content on a regular basis. Think about your customers, now give them, “10 tips for solving that problem they have,” or how about a “5 steps for better whatevers.” Spoiler alert, the solution is your product or service. 

When creating blogs, it’s important to follow the most current SEO strategies. As a marketing agency, we know how to optimize blogs so Google and other search engines recognize its value. When someone types in those special keywords for your business, you’ll be front and centre to get that high-converting traffic.

Now that you’ve created some great content, it’s time to get it out to the world, but hitting publish is only the beginning of its journey. Too often companies spend time creating great content that just sits there collecting cobwebs. Promote it!

Share it on social media, make an ad targeting your audience, find a relative thread on reddit or Medium. Share your content with the world! And the more people that click your link and read your post, the more Google takes notice, helping you rise in the rankings.

Engage in Conversation

Your content has been created, published and shared. Now, it’s time to engage. Are people making comments on social? Perhaps they’re asking questions and need more information? Take the time to comb through and respond to your audience. This may also give you ideas for future blog topics. . 

This is just a snapshot of how a well-researched marketing strategy can help your company attract customers. If you’re tired of being another face in the crowd, maybe it’s time to hire a professional marketing agency. Give us a call at 604.559.7509 or stop by our office located at 240, 515 West Pender St. in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

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