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Q: How often should I update my website design?

A: It depends…

I know – not the answer you were looking for, but here’s some food for thought, on how and why the need to update your website may arise, and how to decide when it’s time to redesign your website completely.

Generally speaking, your website should serve you well for at least 3 to 5 years without major redesign. Just like your house needs fresh paint, or vacuuming, your website also would most likely need to get some love from you on a regular basis.

  • refresh promotional banners on your homepage to reflect current promotions
  • make sure you publish articles on your blog regularly
  • perform necessary security updates as they come out
  • back up your website on the server level
  • monitor statistics in Google Analytics, etc… to name a few regular updates for your website.

Now, back to the original question:

… depends on where you are at with your business development cycle

Very often, when our clients come to us for website design services, they are either starting a new business or are going through a rebranding process. If your business grows rapidly, you would have slightly different marketing goals in year one, or in your fourth year of business. For instance, very often, in your first year, you need to put more focus on your story, on the “about us” section of your website, to give your customers a chance to know you better, as to who you are and why they should pay attention to what you are saying.

With that, building visibility (of your website online) and credibility of your business, would be your priority in your first few years of business. So what does that mean to how you design your website? To showcase your credibility, you may want to put testimonials front and centre on homepage of your web site. Got any accreditations? Are you a member of any professional associations? Add that information on your website as well.

Anything that promotes the idea of you being a trustworthy company should be visibly positioned on your website.

… depends on which industry you are in

How fast do things change in your industry? Is it important for you to show to your clients that you areĀ an innovative company, or someone who follows the trends and utilizes modern technology? Then you would want to make sure your website is also modern, and innovative. Because if you took the time to update your web design, you most certainly pay attention to the things that are cutting edge in your industry, too.

… depends who your target customers are

Who are your customers? Do they appreciate modern, innovative approach to things? How do they communicate? Ensure your website is attractive to your target audience. If you are targeting a younger demographic, you might want to have a dynamic, highly visual web site design. If you are targeting baby-boomers, you might want to have an informational website, that is easy to navigate.

No matter the circumstances, these three questions should never be taken off the agenda:

  1. does your website communicate your brand well?
  2. is it clear what you offer, why people should get it, and how to connect with you?
  3. do you have that personal touch in the way you reach audience through your website?

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