How Content Marketing Is Changing In 2020

The ways people look for and absorb content are changing. If you want to reach your customers in 2020, your marketing strategy needs to reflect these changes in human behaviour, or you’ll be left (figuratively speaking) in the digital dust. Our marketing agency spends time researching the latest in content, social, PPC, and digital marketing trends to provide our customers with the most value possible. 

If you’re looking for a marketing agency in 2020, make sure they have a strategy to help you with these new trends. 

Optimize For Voice Search

“Hey, Google, what is content marketing?”

“Hey, Google, where is Cucumber Marketing agency?”

It’s predicted that Saying “Hey Google” is how almost half of search queries will be performed in 2020. With such a rise in popularity, Google is putting a lot of effort into improving the voice search experience for users. But how can you optimize your content so that when people use voice search, they find you?

Voice search queries are answered with featured snippets. These little blocks of knowledge are direct and to the point. Your content will need to have the best SEO practices in play if you want the chance to be voice optimized. That means, have your pages load fast, write how you speak, concentrate on local search intent, and include short, straightforward blocks of content. These marketing strategies will help your SEO and give you the chance to be the holder of that sweet, sweet voice search real estate. 

 It’s All About The Featured Snippet

We already know that to be a voice search result, you’ve got to hold the featured snippet position. Our marketing agency has done some research and knows that the average voice search result is only 29 words long – very simple and concise. For search engines to understand your content, it will also need the proper H-tags assigned, and they absolutely adore bullet point style lists. 

Caption: One of our clients that we hold the featured snippet for. 

Putting these strategies together will give you the best shot at reaching the featured snippets section.

Include Video Content in Your Marketing Strategy

Consumers love videos when looking for new products and services. Whether it’s a short format on TikTok, long-form tutorials on YouTube or temporary stories on Facebook, your marketing strategy in 2020 needs to include video content. 


  • More than half of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy. 
  • 90% of people say they’ve discovered new brands or products on YouTube. 
  • 55% of shoppers use online videos while shopping in-store. 
  • Videos can jump-start action and purchase intent. 

Once people have enough information, they become motivated to act, which typically involves an intent to purchase.

This video shared on Facebook has led to some high-quality leads. This also shows that video content is important for B2B companies as well. 

Go Micro to Go Big

Two ways going small can help your marketing go big in 2020: micro-moments and micro-influencers.


Micro-moments are short instances during the day that people turn to their phones to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They occur sporadically but are very intent-rich. 

When people are at the store, they might be searching online for products. Or maybe someone gets a text message from a friend asking about their favourite marketing agency, so you send them a link to Cucumber Marketing. Or, most importantly, they have an impulse to search for and purchase your product or service. These are the moments you need to capitalize on. 

Since everyone now has a smartphone, your website needs to be responsive so people can find you during these micro-moments. Our marketing agency can build a responsive and fast website, just for you. 


Micro-influencers typically have between 1000-10,000 followers of which they are deeply connected. Small-scale influencers have more of a relationship with their core audience and have therefore built trust with them. When micro-influencers choose to work with companies, their audiences listen. 

Caption: Using micro-influencers gives authenticity to your brand. Here is makeup artist @puckerupmaekupbyjill promoting Halloween Alley’s line of SFX makeup products. 

And marketing agency worth their salt knows that 1000 highly engaged consumers are worth more than 20,000 unenthused ones. And because they promote products on a smaller scale, they are much more affordable than their A-list celeb counterparts. For an effective marketing strategy using micro-influencers, consider using more than one. 

Remember To Promote Your Content

In prior years the focus was on quantity. Pump out blog after blog, post after post, all to dominate google SERPS and for top of mind awareness. However, Google is getting ever-smarter and is now doing its best to match helpful information to search intent. This is important for marketers to take notice. 

Google wants to know what page offers the most accurate and helpful information to people. It has multiple ways it calculates this, but traffic and time spent on a page are a few of them. So, how can you get people on your blog? Promote it!

Post your content on social media, put it on Reddit, find a relevant Quora thread and post your blog there. There are so many ways to promote your post in 2020. There’s no point in writing a great piece if nobody gets to read it. 

We hope you’re able to incorporate all of these content trends to your marketing efforts. If you need a little help, contact our professional marketing agency at 604.559.7509 to set up a meeting. We’ll be able to put together something wonderful for your company, so you can grow. 

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