Google’s Local Campaigns Change To Performance Max Campaigns

As of this month, August 2022, Google’s Local Campaigns are being upgraded to Performance Max Campaigns. This means that with Performance Max Ads, our marketing agency can reach more potential customers across all of Google’s channels.

What are local campaigns?

Local campaigns are Google ads that direct potential customers to visit local stores to buy products and services. The campaign specifically promotes stores on the Google search network, Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Display Network. 

These ads are ideal for businesses that want to increase in-store visits, and target potential customers within a specific geographic location.

Why do businesses use local campaigns?

Businesses use local campaigns because customers typically search for items online before going to a store. If customers are in a rush to purchase something, they will typically look for a store near them to make the purchase. Local campaigns also cost less than global ad campaigns as they are targeted to specific, local areas. 

What are performance max campaigns?

Performance Max Campaigns is a type of campaign where Google automates the targeting and delivery of the campaign based on information provided by the advertiser. Performance Max Campaigns can appear on Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, and Discovery campaigns.

What can you do with performance max campaigns?

  • Reach more customers by showing up across all of Google’s inventory and formats.
  • Drive traffic and sales by reaching more potential customers and increasing online and in-store sales
  • Gain insights to help you improve how your campaign performs to reach your target customers

Still got questions?

Do you have questions about how to upgrade your Local Campaigns to Performance Max Campaigns? Reach out to our marketing agency in Vancouver and we will be happy to walk you through it! 

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