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Make It Easy For Customers To Find You On Social Media

If you served the best pizza in town, you’d expect your business to do well, right? But what if nobody knew where you were, or that you even existed? Your delicious pizza would remain hidden from the world – and that would be a mighty shame!

The same goes for social media. You could have the best social media content ever created, but if your strategy didn’t take into account the effort required in getting people to find your pages, all that content would be redundant.

Here are some quick tips on making sure, people can find you on social media.

Add social media links to your website

It may seem obvious, but are your social media channels linked from your website? In the past, we’ve worked with clients who didn’t realise that the links attached to the social media icons on their website, didn’t go to their pages.

Use hashtags

Many people chose not to use hashtags on their personal Instagram or Twitter pages which is completely fine, but if you are building a following on these platforms, they are almost essential. If you have a substantial budget to spend on advertising, you could see growth on these channels without the use of hashtags but ideally, advertising would aid your organic growth.

On Twitter, you can see which hashtags are trending on your Home screen and then join in on those conversations to increase the reach of your campaign. For instance, if you spotted it was #NationalPizzaDay, you could share some relevant photos, or tweet a new offer.

On Instagram, you can add up to 30 hashtags on each post. That’s thirty opportunities to get noticed! In our last post, we discussed the range of ways to use hashtags on Instagram.


As mentioned, a substantial advertising budget can lead to substantial growth, but, a lot can be done with a smaller budget too.

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can be very specific with who gets targeted with your ads and it’s for that reason social media advertising can be a more attractive use of marketing budget than traditional advertising routes. If you were a boutique kids’ clothing store, you may only want to target parents with young children in a 10km radius of your store. This wouldn’t be possible with traditional media like newspaper ads.

Social media ads ensure you get seen. The art of social media advertising, is making sure the people seeing your ads are your potential followers, and customers.

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, browse our beginner’s guide.

Run Facebook events

If you use Facebook regularly, you may notice that you sometimes get shown events that are happening near you, or get notifications that your friend “Joe Bloggs is interested in an event near you”. Facebook events can get a fair amount of organic reach so you could setup your own event pages. A Facebook event doesn’t have to be an event in the conventional form. It could be that each Thursday you have 20% discount for seniors – why not make that a recurring Facebook event?

You can promote events too. Anytime somebody says they are “going” or “interested” in your event, that person’s friends may see that, thus extending the reach of your event.

Have great content

While this is less of a quick tip, and more of a whole, entire, massive strategy… it is important. Without engaging content, you’re not going to, well, engage, or build an audience on social media. If your promoted posts are boring, nobody is going to like your page, or become a follower. This doesn’t mean that you need mind-blowing videos, and professionally taken photos, it just means you need a well planned out calendar of what to share on your channels, and when.

What is content marketing?

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