Fresh marketing

#FreshMarketing now trending for 2016

It’s 2016. Almost. We need to start thinking fresh. Fresh marketing, that is. So what does fresh marketing mean? And specifically, what does it look like in 2016?

To be honest, from this marketer’s perspective, there’s nothing new to report. Sure things come up, new apps, new social media platforms, and you never really know what’s going to be the next hit or miss. If you stay in the know, you’ll be better prepared for what’s to come. In this day and age of social media, of viral videos and trending, it’s important to stay relevant, innovative and fresh. How do you do this? Not gonna lie, it’s hard sometimes. So many cool things online. How do you compete? What keeps your customers/clients engaged? It’s time to do research. Maybe that’s the first part of #FreshMarketing2016. Class is in session.

Lesson 1: Research

Research doesn’t have to involve white lab coats and goggles. In fact, it can be half-an-hour a day, with your favourite drink (ahem!) or snack in hand, flipping through the virtual pages of the internet looking for what people are talking about. All ideas come from somewhere, and the best way to nudge your brain a little is to see what is working elsewhere. Read some Reddit threads, sign up for the latest techs (think Periscope and SnapChat), sign up for alerts, and ask your kids (YIKES!).

Though that last thought might seem silly, what would your kids know about your business, you might be surprised. If you want your business to stay relevant, what better research tool than those who will be your future clients? Nurturing relationships takes time, so start early and follow their shopping behaviours.

Lesson 2: Stand Out

Sure it’s easier said than done, but regardless of your product or service, stand out. These days status quo won’t get you noticed. People are talking about everything online, so make sure you’re part of the conversation. Take your research findings (see Lesson 1), and apply them. Have an all-staff brainstorm session to see what sticks. Throw as much spaghetti to the wall; no idea is a bad idea (ok, there are some, but don’t tell them that). Next, task your staff with creating these ideas.

Lesson 3: Build Your Audience & Relationships

The idea is also not to always think about what will get you the sale “NOW” but rather what will build your audience. Remember, earned media is an incredible commodity these days. Whether you’re building your newsletter subscription, your Facebook followers or your Instagram portfolio, keep in mind who’s following you, who you want to follow you and what the best way is to get them engaged. Ask questions, have platform-specific contests, share lessons and tips. Keeping your audience engaged and loyal is going to be crucial in the coming years.

What did we learn today, class? Nothing we didn’t already learn. And that’s what’s fresh for 2016. The digital world has changed things for us, how we do business and how we sell our products and services. Customers don’t want to be told by YOU that your product is awesome, they want to hear it from everyone else. So give them a chance to speak. Be where they are. And be ready to listen.

Now that’s #FreshMarketing.