Fresh Marketing in 2016 – Introducing Cucumber Aydin!

Introducing Cucumber Aydin! Aydin is a grade 11 student at Earl Marriott Secondary and a part of the Humanities Co-Op Program which is offered at his school. Aydin is an aspiring entrepreneur and wannabe marketing expert. His program includes a practicum where he chose Cucumber Marketing Inc, because he wanted to grow his knowledge on marketing and learn what it takes to make a company successful. Aydin wants to take the knowledge he gained from this practicum and apply it towards his businesses in the future.

Presenting his first blog post on Marketing in 2016:

Marketing in 2016

It is now 2016 and every year customers are expecting new things from businesses and this year is no exception. Business owners need to keep up with the market’s demand so they don’t get left in the dust. Also, consumer’s taste will change so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Here are a few things that are expected to come in 2016:

Consumers will be expecting more written material out of businesses. Karen Zuckerman suggests that advertising should be done with more content, telling the consumer more about that product. This way they will be more knowledgeable on your services/products so itwill be easier to get them intrigued. Writing that the consumer will read should be written with a fresh yet analytical approach to fulfill the consumer’s questions.

Another thing, which is rapidly growing in business is creativity.

Creativity and innovation goes hand in hand; we all know that innovation is key in business. People are putting more emphasis on creative and innovative designs. Anywhere from the layout of a website to the 2016 spring line up drop for your favourite clothing company. A strong recommendation for business owners is to have a creative outlook and to be different. This will allow you to have a true relationship with your demographic. As well as the use of social media will help you find out what your demographic is looking for.

Cucumber Aydin

Good job, Aydin! Stay tuned for more blog posts from this aspiring marketer. Want to get in touch with him? You can currently contact him at our marketing agency during regular business hours, until the end of his practicum.