Free Website Audits Every Wednesday in October

This October is an official Gratitude Month at Cucumber. We will be talking about the Culture of Gratitude in your branding, in the corporate environment in general and at our Cucumber Marketing agency.

But what does it mean to practice gratitude at work? Shouldn’t it be personal and private? Isn’t it like talking about politics or religion – keep your opinions to yourself?

There’s a place and there’s time to talk about everything, and gratitude is something that must be a driving force for all actions in all areas of our lives. Why? Well, this is exactly what we will be talking about during the whole month of October! Be sure to connect with us on our Instagram and Facebook to join in on the conversation and share your stories and testimonies of how the attitude of gratitude made a difference in your life and career or business.

But the most important part we are excited about, is that during the whole month of October, every Wednesday (as an act of gratitude) we will be doing FREE, live website audits on Facebook for 4 lucky business owners!

It can be easy to get so used to seeing your own website that it becomes difficult to spot the areas you could improve. We know the value of having a fresh set of eyes on something – so we invite you to borrow ours!

Would you like to get a FREE website review?

Simply fill out this short form below to submit your website’s URL and tell us a bit more about your business and perhaps what your upcoming goals are. But remember, this will be a live review, so you might get some exposure for your business online, that might make you famous or… infamous. Just kidding! There shall be no website shaming! Our expert team look forward to giving you some practical, actionable marketing and website design tips on how to improve your online presence this fall! We can’t wait to get started! 🙂