Celebrating Cucumber as a google partner

Cucumber is a Google Partner Agency!

Google Partner Agency

We’re proud to maintain our status as a Google Partner agency! The Google Partners program is an initiative through Google and AdWords to recognize and promote marketing agencies that show high performance in paid search management. Agencies with Google Partners status are recognized for having the knowledge and skills to provide great customer service and maximize return on investment for paid search campaigns through Google AdWords.

What are the Google Partner requirements?

To be certified as a Google Partners agency, agencies must meet strict criteria in terms of how they manage their customer relationships and individual campaigns. Google Partner agency status is achieved through a combination of ongoing requirements.

AdWords Certification

A set of exams to ensure each agency has staff on hand that understand all tools and techniques available to design, manage and optimize paid search campaigns.

Best Practices for Performance and Customer Care

An audit of historical performance to ensure open accounts have been performing well and delivering strong results for clients.

Minimum Spend

A set ad spend requirement to ensure that all above practices are scalable, and campaigns perform just as well with larger budgets.

How do we compare to other Google Partner Agencies?

Below is our rank for performance and customer care as determined by Google. This rank is a combination of a number of factors — primarily how closely each agency follows Google’s own best practices, how often updates are made to active accounts, and how accounts perform overall. We’re pleased to share that Cucumber Marketing is well above the average agency!

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What does it mean for our clients?

Bottom line, you’re in good hands when you entrust us with your business’s online advertising. Our team is here to make sure every campaign is optimized, and every dollar spent leads to a real and measurable results. We’re always available to answer any questions our clients have, and always ready to adapt our strategy to meet your business goals. Regardless of credentials, our goal at the end of the day, is for you to feel confident in your marketing.

Ready to advertise with us? Get in touch — we’re more than qualified.