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Branding Things Fresh – Featuring Saje Wellness

It’s no secret – we like to keep things fresh in our (Marketing) Greenhouse. So this month’s #UniquelyVancouver feature comes naturally for many reasons. First of all, they are our neighbours – one of their stores is located just a few feet away from our office on Robson Street in the heart of Vancouver. Secondly – they are in the business of, well, freshness. Of course we are talking about Saje Wellness. Ahh… 

Coolness Factor

What can be cooler than awesome customer service? Nothing, right? Well, Saje takes their own brand promise to heart. As they say, they pledge to provide “outrageous customer service” and they totally do.

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Here’s the proof.

Back to us liking things fresh in the Greenhouse. We use one of those nifty essential oil diffusers in the office to keep the energy up, especially during dark winter Vancouver mornings (Liquid Sunshine is our favourite blend, by the way – it’s a true blessing if you are in Vancouver). We’ve had the diffuser for a while, and it started to show the signs of being less effective, so to speak. Of course we wouldn’t dare throw it in the garbage, so we wanted see if we could fix it, bringing back to the store for advice. The response was exactly as promised – outrageous. They gave us a brand new diffuser! Not only I did not expect that, but I also felt it was not deserved. But the lovely sales representative didn’t even give me a chance to say anything – she just gave me a new one – no questions asked. Now that’s outrageous, isn’t it?

Vancouver Factor

100% natural, the power of nature, pure essential oils. These are some of the “keywords” that Team Saje not only use in their marketing, but truly live by. It seems, being a Vancouver-based company, it’s quite obvious where they find their inspiration. If you want to be closer to nature, do stop by their store on Robson street and see it for yourself.

Marketing Hi5

The Saje Team knows that knowledge is power. Educating their customers is one of their priorities, it seems. Hence their topical seminars on aromatherapy and wellness led by their co-founder- Jean-Pierre LeBlanc. This is a great content marketing strategy! Not only do they provide amazing content to customers by having free seminars, but they also show how important the community is for them. I am positive that their co-founder is a busy guy. So prioritizing this as part of their PR is very clever! He gets to see the customers himself, get feedback (perhaps for future developments) and to experience the brand first-hand from the top of the ladder so to speak.

What can we learn from Saje:

  • Content marketing in action is a powerful thing – share your knowledge with your customers to boost your brand’s loyalty and trust
  • Customer service is the heart of branding.

What type of outrageously (good) marketing have you come across recently, in our beautiful city of Vancouver? Do share with us on Facebook or stop by our (Marketing) Greenhousewe always have chocolate.