AdWords Conversions

Top Tips For Boosting Your AdWords Conversions

Any marketing agency knows that a well run Google AdWords account can do wonders for a business. Its highly trackable clicks make is easy to determine how efficiently a marketing budget is being spent. On the other hand, a poorly performing AdWords account can take time to rectify.

If you’re running an AdWords account and can see that your ads are getting clicked on, and are being seen by a good number of people, it can be tough to understand why they aren’t converting into customers or leads. Most marketing agencies refer to leads, calls, form submissions or checkouts via AdWords as conversions – they saw your ad and converted into a customer or lead. These tips should set you up to understand why you may not be getting those all important conversions.

1. Ad copy

Have you had a look at your competitors ads? If they’re offering a free trial, or promoting their 5 star reviews, and you’re not, this could be why your potential customers, aren’t going with you. Keeping a close eye on your competition and updating your ad copy to reflect that is very important.

2. Landing page

It could be time to look into making some changes to your ad’s landing page.

Is it interesting?

Take a proper look at your landing page, does it entice you? If not, it probably isn’t inviting your potential customers. Even if you’re not a web design expert, you or your marketing agency can probably make small changes to your landing page that will make a big difference. Perhaps add an image or some clear headings.

How does it look on mobile?

We’re going to put our neck out and assume, a fair amount of the people seeing your ads are using mobile devices. If your landing page isn’t optimized for mobile, or you have to scroll a long way to reach a contact form or add to basket button, this could put people off and they may have left the page before you can say “so long potential customer”.

3. Ad schedule

Are your ads running constantly? It’s not always best practice to do this. If your landing page invites people to phone you, or you have a call extension, is there someone available to answer calls 24/7? If not, you may want to consider only running ads when someone is able to receive calls. Not everyone will leave a voicemail. Whenever a person clicks but doesn’t convert into a customer, this will push your cost per conversion up.

4. Account manager

While the Google AdWords free online training courses are a great way to learn the basics of using AdWords, challenging accounts could require a marketing agency’s experienced eyes. It is often worth outsourcing your AdWords account management to an agency who may be able to spot problem areas and opportunities for improvement. Allowing an outside agency to look after your digital marketing will also give you more valuable time to focus on your business growth.

If you are struggling to get the customers you need from your AdWords account, give us a call on 604-559-7509, or stop by our marketing agency in Vancouver to hear how we can formulate a custom marketing plan with you so that you get found by the right customers – fast.