Know your marketing audience

Mindful marketing. Spot the difference when targeting your audience.

On December 3rd, I saw a Facebook post from a Skincare company, which started with ‘Here’s to a great summer’; I looked outside to passers by wearing coats, gloves and hats and thought perhaps a miracle tropical storm was on the cards.
I later found out that the company was based in New Zealand.

When writing your marketing content always keep in mind your target audience and whether they have any differences that you need to factor in.

Being English, and growing up working in the UK, it was never in my mind to consider time differences whilst emailing clients or preparing for timely deadlines, the north to south distance was practically a stone’s throw in comparison to Canada. This is something I have since had to adapt to; to ensure I meet my clients needs, on their terms (and times), not mine.

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As a business owner creating your Social media content, always remember whom you are targeting and whether you are reaching them at their prime time and whether what you are saying is relevant. Can they relate? Do they feel personally targeted through your choice of words and tone of voice? Always make your audience feels valuable and if this means posting at crazy times to reach them- do it!

Good luck and good morning, good evening, good night (depending on where you are).