All-Inclusive Marketing Support for Growing Businesses

Are you struggling with keeping your marketing consistent? Are you looking for clear marketing tactics and systems that would help you scale your growing business? Is your team maxed out and needs support implementing fresh marketing ideas to boost sales? We can help!

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Is this you?

You’ve been working hard to grow your business, and you’re starting to see some awesome results. That’s super exciting! You’re a hustler, and it totally looks good on you! Your revenue is growing, and now you’re all set to scale your cool business. But here’s the deal: you want to make sure that the growth keeps going steadily, and for that, you need those marketing processes in place to keep the momentum going strong.

You’re getting a clearer picture of who your ideal clients are, and you’re ready to use that knowledge to create some seriously cool marketing campaigns that’ll attract more of those perfect clients. Your team is stoked about the growth, but they could use some help in managing customer expectations and keeping communication (both inside and outside the company) cool and on brand.

As with any growing business, you have loads of marketing tasks to tackle, and you’re looking for help to identify priorities and keep the growth going in a data-focused, effective, and efficient manner. You need to know what platforms to use and what to ignore. Anything from Paid Ads (Google or social ads), SEO, content creation or email marketing – you are looking for a marketing partner who will expertly create, execute and analyze strategies for maximum growth!

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What is not working in your business:

  • Your team is maxed out and needs help
  • Your marketing is inconsistent or often not on brand
  • You are not sure how to measure results and where to focus your efforts

What Cucumber can help you with:

  • Run brand awareness and lead generation campaigns to support growth
  • Create internal and external marketing communications systems to add consistency
  • Provide 360 marketing support for all your marketing needs to maximize budget

We call this package Greenhouse

Why Greenhouse? A controlled environment provided by the greenhouse offers several advantages for plant growth, allowing gardeners to extend the growing season, protect plants from adverse weather conditions, and provide optimal conditions for their development.

Just like a greenhouse in farming provides full support for vegetables to grow, we’ll create that same nurturing environment for your business to flourish. Our marketing support is custom-tailored to your specific goals, giving you the perfect atmosphere to thrive! 🌱🏢

We are a unique agency that specializes in helping small businesses take control of their marketing efforts. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we tailor our programs to suit your specific needs based on your business’s growth stage and budget. In the past, advertising industry relied on significant budgets and long timeframes to create campaigns. However, in our current fast-paced world, the demands are different, and we need to adapt and move faster to keep up. This is why we created this all-inclusive Greenhouse marketing package for growing businesses.

We have been working with Cucumber Marketing for our company's marketing needs for the past year. Our experience with has been highly positive, and we're pleased with the impact they've made on our company's marketing efforts. Cucumber Marketing has played a leadership role in helping us craft a communications strategy that aligns with our business goals. From establishing a compelling social media presence to initiating regular newsletters and blogs, their team has aligned communications across our company and enhanced our brand visibility. What sets Cucumber Marketing apart is the work they have done to understand our business and our customers and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly. They don't just provide generic solutions; instead, they take the time to comprehend our unique challenges and objectives. Cucumber Marketing has been a great marketing partner for our company. We highly recommend their services and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

- Sue Boyles | Spot Solutions - Custom Software and M365 Productivity Tools Experts