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7 Marketing Myths About Web Design

Everyone has an opinion on web design and, sadly, among those opinions, there are some deceptive myths. We are going to clear some of those up to make sure your web design is as effective as can be! Our nine years working on a multitude of web design projects has taught us which pieces of advice to ignore and why.

Website Design Myth #1

The Bigger The Logo The Better

Branding is a huge part of web design – well it’s a huge part of marketing period. Branding is about so much more than a logo, a good brand is recognizable even without the logo. If you have your logo plastered across your website, as big as can be, this will distract users from what they’re actually there for. The primary purpose of your website is to fulfil the needs of your customers, not show off your logo.

Website Design Myth #2

A Well Designed Website Lasts Forever

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever – no matter how good. We are professional web design experts and even our website has had multiple different designs over the years. During our 9th birthday month, back in September, we looked back at how our brand and designs had changed over the years, showing that no brand’s materials can last forever. Updates and redesigns are always needed to keep things fresh.

Website Design Myth #3

White Space Is Wasted Space

Never say this to a web designer. An experienced web designer can sing the praises of white space all day long. While you may have lots to say on your website, don’t try to pointlessly squeeze it onto one page. Be concise!

Website Design Myth #4

You Don’t Always Need A Mobile Version Of Your Website

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More people browse the internet on mobile devices than desktop so a mobile optimized website is certainly a must! If you’re tracking your current website’s analytics via a tool like Google Analytics, have a look at the number of people who are using your website on a mobile device. It may surprise you.

Website Design Myth #5

If You Don’t Love Your Website – Change It

As we’ve discussed before, and as crazy as it can sound, you don’t have to love your logo, brand or website. If there are well thought out reasons for a design decision, but there is something trivial that you don’t necessarily like, that doesn’t mean you should change it. Your website is built for your customers, not you. While your opinion is central to the design and development of your website, ultimately the final decisions should be based on how your customer will be using it (and they are highly unlikely to leave because that button copy isn’t italic).

Website Design Myth #6

Animations Make For A Memorable Website

Partially true, partially a myth. Some animations can really make your website stand out, but too many can put users off completely. A key issue with animations is that they take time to load and us humans aren’t patient beings. If a website hasn’t loaded within a couple of seconds, we give up on it. Too many animations can also be distracting. If you want a customer to be reading reviews of your latest product but there are animated birds flying across the screen, their attention isn’t going to be where you want it. There are several more technical reasons why highly animated websites can be problematic, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have on this.

Website Design Myth #7

Good Web Design Is Expensive

Not necessarily. All of our web design packages at Cucumber Marketing are custom made to suit a client’s goals and budget. You don’t need to have a colossaal budget to create a good looking, goal-achieving website.

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