Successful branding

5 Things Successful Brands Know, that others don’t.

1. They know that branding is not just their Brand Book or a mission statement on the wall.

Companies that are set for a rapid, sustainable growth understand that branding is not just a mission statement on the wall – it’s how they live and breathe their business. They know – branding is a discipline – and they are committed to interweaving their brand into every cell of their company.

2. They build their brand around their existing talents.

They know that sustainable branding is authentic brandingMarketing and branding are the tools to bring your authenticity up to the surface (not to re-invent you). Building their business around the existing talents is the ultimate goal for successful brands. They know what they are good at and they are not afraid to shout about it from the roof (if they have to). They are not shy about being awesome (at what they do) – because this is exactly how they earn their customers’ love – by doing what they do best.

3. They use branding to increase sales.

They are acutely aware that branding is their pathway to more sales, or bigger sales for that matter. A clear, established brand is simply worth more as it provides more value for their customers. And with more consistency and clarity in their own heads, sales people can sell more, because they are communicating the benefits of their products and services, able to connect with a buyer authentically.

4. They see branding as a team-building tool.

They recognize that a strong team can achieve great things together. They know if their team members feel heard and valued, their job satisfaction will be much higher, and they will be personally invested in the success of the company. Humans are tribal creatures – we need to be a part of something larger than us. It is one of our survival needs to feel that our contribution matters. Having a mutual mission and vision, and working together towards achieving individual goals, surely provides the building blocks to achieve just that.

5. They did the heavy-lifting, to allow their marketing to be effortless today.

They did their homework. They recognized that branding doesn’t happen overnight, and they committed to the process whole-heartedly. They spent the time to discover and verbalize how they are different from their competition, and how their individual and collective talents make a difference for their customers. They didn’t shy away from putting internal processes in place, to ensure consistency in their communication on all levels of their organization.

And this list will not be complete without the magic ingredient – their passion. They believed they had something special, and they worked hard at making it known. They wanted to make a difference in their customers’ life and they took the necessary steps to achieve just that.

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