Instagram new feed update

4 things you need to know about Instagram’s most recent feed update

You might have already noticed that your Instagram feed is looking different these days. The photos in the feed are bigger and there is more video content than still photos, as you are scrolling through. All of a sudden the space became a bit louder and a bit faster, did you notice? Well, this was definitely my perception when I started noticing this change for some of our clients. 

1. This is a gradual rollout 

As usual, all big interface rollouts are done in stages, so if you are not seeing any drastic differences in your feed yet, don’t be surprised. This change will appear on your phone sometime soon, so treat this as a heads up. We have already noticed this change for some of our clients’ Instragam accounts, while some are still looking the same as before. 

Instagram new feed update

2. Why is Instagram doing this? 

The popularity of TikTok (and Snapchat) might be an obvious reason here, why Instagram decided to change its feed layout. Video content is becoming more and more engaging as our attention span becomes shorter and shorter due to the abundance of information around us. 

Instagram vs TikTok marketing stats

3. What does this mean for your social media marketing

We have started talking about video content for a while now, the predictions of video content taking over have been the talks of the town for quite some time, so if you are still uncomfortable about being on camera, now would be a good time to get over it, or find someone who can communicate your fresh and cool ideas to the world in this format, so it gets delivered to your customers. I know, as a small business owner, you have lots on your plate, and the good news is – you don’t have to be a video or marketing wizard, and neither you are expected to do it all. What we do invite our clients to do, is to be open to the fresh ideas that are happening in marketing and together we come up with solutions that work best for their specific situation (and comfort level :), so we help them to stay fresh in their marketing. 

4. What is Cucumber doing about this?

In the last 14 years, we have seen many trends and changes in digital marketing, so it’s not a new feeling to wake up in the morning, open up our social media platforms and see a completely different view from yesterday. We love staying on top of marketing trends while keeping our strategies effective for our clients.

When big changes happen in marketing (for us at Cucumber Marketing) it’s a call to action to get curious. We try to avoid jumping on the latest trends and disrupting our current marketing strategy just for the sake of staying trendy. This is exhausting, and it might get expensive for our clients, and it’s simply not necessary.

While everyone is running towards a new shiny thing, we take time to pivot and introduce a new tactic, while strategically being focused on our clients’ goals and KPIs. The key in marketing is to never put all of our eggs in one basket. Marketing diversification and fresh thinking have always worked well for us over the years, as we are able to change quickly when needed, without making any knee-jerk reactions that might distract us from the main goals.

As a marketing agency, this is our goal always to stay fresh, while also keeping our cool no matter what a new thing is in marketing, and this is exactly why our cool clients trust us with their marketing strategies.

We are their team to bring fresh, timely ideas, vet them together, test them and define what works best at any given point in time!

With that, we are definitely going to be discussing this with our clients, so we can find the best solution for their current goals and available resources.

No panic here – we will keep their marketing fresh while keeping it all cool! 🙂

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