Women in Business by Christine of VancouverMom.ca

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Welcome to a new segment of Video Fridays where we will be interviewing some knowledgeable influencers and entrepreneurs. Today we are at MomCafe and we got the opportunity to speak with Christine Pilkington a little bit about women in business. Great insight for small businesses and start-ups!

Christine Pilkington is an entrepreneur and the publisher/editor of VancouverMom.ca.

Check out the interview!

Helen Stepchuk: Women and men are different in everyday life, but are we different in the way we do business?

Christine Pilkington: I really love working with other “mompreneurs” simply, because there is a certain empathy. I have kids and they have kids and there is a lot of understanding about flexible hours. Another advantage is that mompreneurs think laterally and can multitask, which means we can juggle a lot of things at the same time. In a way, it can be a plus and a minus because, sometimes, you’re always trying to keep up all the balls in the air going and that can be a downside. But, as a strength, we can think up different things, be creative, and keep the ball rolling.

HS: And what kind of advice to other moms or women in business? One thing that we should always remember.

CP: Well, I’m going to say something a little bit schizophrenic. One is that you should just do it! Just go for it and do it. If you are making a lot of excuses for yourself, it may not be the thing you should be doing. Maybe the idea you have may not be the right idea, but you should trust your instinct. At the same time, you should just do it. We were just talking to Felicia Lee (Candeo) about how there is never any good time. I’ve waited for so long to have kids, thinking my career is now and I’ll wait later, later, later. It turned out that when I had kids, it was the worst time. I was opening up a business back in Toronto at the time and it was just the worst possible time. So, just do it.

Another piece of advice I have is to have the proper level of skills behind you too. Don’t ignore the business side. I was talking to Traci Costa from Peekaboo Beans and she said, “cash is king.” What she meant by that is that the business management side is so, so, so important. If you are not keeping on top of all of that, then you’re going to be sunk before you’ve even started. You need the business management skills, but don’t get so wrapped up in everything that you get that analysis paralysis.

HS: Thank you so much, Christine. And thank you guys for tuning in and talk to you next Friday!