What are Display Ads? A Beginner’s Complete Guide

If you’ve ever scrolled through a website, you’ve probably come across a display advertisement. Display ads are those banners you see on a website promoting another business’ product or service. They usually stand out from other content on the website and induce the user to take action.

As a marketing agency in Vancouver, we live for these types of ads. Not only are they effective in what they do, but they also are a less costly way to get impressions and clicks from users.

Learn with us what a display ad is and their digital marketing best practices. 

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is a method of attracting users to take a specific action while browsing another business’ website. They can be text, image or video and encourage users to click through to a particular landing page.

The two primary goals your company will want to achieve with display ads are brand awareness, followed by lead generation. Display ads can raise brand awareness, improving the performance of other digital lead channels, and increase organic search traffic. They’re a method of allowing your business to stay in the consumer’s consideration set so that when they decide to purchase a product/service similar to yours, your company will be the business they turn to. 

Which KPIs should I keep track of? 

Now that you know that the two primary goals you want to have with display ads are brand awareness and lead generation, you will have to decide which KPIs to track your goals. Our digital marketing agency tip is to align your business goals with your PPC goals and remember that their primary purpose is not to generate leads. Thus, you should primarily be looking into: 

1. Impressions

2. Clicks

3. Interaction Rate (CTR)

4. CPC

And lastly,

5. Conversions/CPL

How do I create Display Ads? 

The most traditional method of having your ad displayed on a website is buying space through the website’s owner – much like a digital billboard. However, nowadays, thanks to technology (and Google), we can set them up through advertising networks such as the Google Ads Display Network. It’s simple to create an ad. All you have to do is create your campaign, select your location, target interest and demographic, and set your budget. After that, Google will display your ads subject to your campaign settings, and you can track your display ads in the same Google Ads account as your other Google campaigns.

What are the best sizes for Display Ads? 

The size of your ads can and will have a considerable impact on your campaign’s success. When you start to design your ad’s creative, you will have to decide the size for your ads.  Using the Google Display Network, you have the option to create square-sized designs and banner-sized (rectangle) designs. Our marketing agency tip is to have two creatives for each type of ad size and compare their performances. However, according to Google, the top-performing sizes for display ads are:

  1. 300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle (Square)
  2. 336 x 280 – Large Rectangle
  3. 728 x 90 – Leaderboard
  4. 300 x 600 – Half Page (Large Skyscraper)

Why should my business invest in Display Ads? 

Display Ads are a great and inexpensive way to generate traffic and raise brand awareness for your company. When used with other marketing initiatives, it can improve the performance of your other assets. Not convinced you should launch display ads? Reach out to our marketing agency in Vancouver to discuss more the benefits of launching a display campaign! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn – we would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for reading, and keep it cool!