The Company-Client Relationship

In any close relationship, trust and communication are important for its success –  and this goes for business relationships, too. We learned the value of this relationship while we were working with Margery, the owner of The Compassionate Parent Coach as we worked with her to create her company’s website and identity.

Margery came up with a very good point during the collaborating process: that her vision couldn’t truly come to life until she was ready for it to blossom. For her and many of our other clients, it was important that she was ready to begin the process of turning her ideas into a fully branded image; once she realized this, she was able to play a huge role in the creation of her website and the identity that came along with it. With that first step achieved, it was easy for Margery to cultivate a relationship with us at Cucumber Marketing Inc. as she was truly in-tune with what was happening with her business.

It’s pretty easy when you’re hiring someone for a service to check out, allow them to make all of the decisions, but by doing this you’re missing out on what could be a beautiful thing! Just like any other project, this process takes time but clients who offer their ideas, are clear with their visions, ultimately receive a better product that is in line with what they want.

Take the leap and build a new relationship with Cucumber Marketing Inc. – we’ll make sure your vision is created.