Getting Personal: Email Marketing Tips For Retail Brands

Email marketing tips for retail brands

If you’ve been sitting gaping at your Facebook wall, waiting for engagement and sales to happen then get ready for a surprise. Email marketing is more powerful than any other marketing tool! An average urban Canadian adult spends close to six hours a day checking emails on his mobile or his desktop PC. There are […]


How to make your summer sale work (without offering any further reductions)

How to make summer sales work better

Every year fashion brands rush the seasons upon us. Only a few months back I was staring at a swimsuit in a store window while wearing a double-layered bomber jacket! I wondered then what this window would show me when it’s actually time to wear a swimsuit. Well, I’m a lazy shopper. It’s difficult to move me unless you give me a […]


We are hiring – marketing + communications grower

hiring - marketing - vancouver

About you: You are passionate about words. You have a message to deliver and you know how to make it accessible to the public. You are a warrior, and your s(word) is sharp. Your best writing comes in 140 characters, and you know the power behind this magic number. You are fascinated by human behaviour. […]


Marketing with Facebook – How to Build a Social Media Following

FB campaign

Facebook is the world’s most popular social platform. Unlike Twitter, Facebook gives you the freedom to post long pieces of text alongside creatives in order to reach and engage with your core audience. Social media marketing on Facebook generally works well for small businesses and CPG/Retail clients, but is less effective for B2B businesses. There […]


Marketing in Vancouver: Keeping your target market in mind

Marketing in Vancouver

If you’re marketing a product in Vancouver, you’d better pay attention to your target market. We Vancouverites are a quirky bunch, and you can’t afford to miss out on any details in your go-to-market plan. When you’re trying to figure out how to position your product, you have to pay attention to the 5 target […]



marketing agency vancouver

Happy Lunar New Year of the Goat! Whether you celebrate the occasion or not, we wish you continued success in all your business and personal endeavours. Why not take the opportunity of a New Year to gain a fresh perspective on your existing marketing channels? Enter the concept of paid, owned, and earned. Chances are, your business […]


The psychology behind heart-centred branding.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.43.07 PM

How can social entrepreneurs balance their desire to do good, with operating in an extremely competitive, harsh-reality business world? Is there any difference in the way a marketing or branding campaign would be structured for a “heart-centred” business? We believe so, and here’s why. Having a unique business model calls for a unique approach to […]


What does $5 really get you on Fiverr?

5$ Canadian bill Zoomed in

If you’re versed in the design world, or if you’ve been looking into branding a business, you’ve likely come across Fiverr. Similar to many other services (but centred around the single, rock-bottom price) Fiverr promises to connect people with freelancers, who in turn offer a countless number of services for less than the price of a venti […]


What does your branding say about your business?

Logo Design Heart

We write a lot about various aspects of brand identity development and how it relates to online and offline marketing strategy. One question we often hear from small businesses in particular is why branding matters. Taking it back to basics, here are five great (and tweetable!) reasons why your brand strategy should come first: Branding […]


The power of chips…I mean words!


Recently, I had a naughty craving for some chips, whilst on my lunch break. Now chips in the land where I come from (England) translates to you as french fries. Chips, chips, chips that’s all I had in my sights as I waked into a cafe to fulfill my craving. Directing to chips on the […]