Find Your Audience; Who’s on which social network(s).

Social Media Marketing

You know social media marketing is an important part of growing your business and reaching out to both customers and potential customers, but what are the best social media platforms to connect with YOUR target market? We’ve created this infographic to help you decide which social networks are most useful for your business. Share this […]


The Science Between Colour and Gender

Do you know why your favourite colour is red? From a young age, all of us make associations to our everyday surroundings. And colour has often been used as a form of identification, especially the masculine and feminine. Gender specific colours continue to hold true in our society, such as baby girls wearing pink and […]


Web Design and Colour Theory: How Colour Affects Buyer Behaviour

Most of us deny judging a book by its cover, but sometimes it just happens! Whether you realize it or not, colour and the visual components of our lives affect our behaviour and perception. Online or offline, colour permeates our society and holds a lot of weight. Especially true in Internet Marketing, a website is […]