Are you using hashtags the best way possible? Answer these questions to find out.

Using Hashtags like a pro

In 2007, Chris Messina a former Googler, invented hashtags and in 2016, it is one of the most powerful tools to feature your content where it’s needed and reach out to people outside your followers or fans. It’s a simple character which has existed for years and you don’t need a certificate to use it. […]


Facebook Canvas Tutorial: Making Ads A Work Of Art

Facebook PPC - Canvas

So, you wanna make an awesome Facebook Ad? There’s a ton of options available to you, but by far the coolest one is the new Facebook Canvas feature. Facebook Canvas is the newest marketing option from the social media platform, offering an immersive space for ads that potential customers actually want to experience. Here are three reasons […]


Facebook Introduces Reactions. Why?

Facebook Reactions

If you logged in to Facebook this morning you would have seen a new sight – five new options to “Like” a post describing how you feel about it. These five options include Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry and Love. This is an awesome feature for Facebook users worldwide, and give business owners a new way to gauge […]


Marketing with Facebook – How to Build a Social Media Following

FB campaign

Facebook is the world’s most popular social platform. Unlike Twitter, Facebook gives you the freedom to post long pieces of text alongside creatives in order to reach and engage with your core audience. Social media marketing on Facebook generally works well for small businesses and CPG/Retail clients, but is less effective for B2B businesses. There […]


Social Media Marketing – 3 Facebook Changes Affecting Your Metrics

Facebook Social Media

The social media space is constantly changing, and as marketing managers we need to adapt. A lot has changed with how Facebook tracks its metrics in 2015, so we’ve summarized the 3 most important points that would impact you as a Facebook Page admin. These changes directly affect your monthly reports, so it’s important that you have a […]


Social Media Giant Facebook purchases WhatsApp!


Whoever said money can’t buy you WhatsApp? I mean Happiness! Well for Facebook, this is certainly not the case. The social media giant has surpassed the $1 billion Instagram deal in 2012, proving this to be their largest acquisition at $19 billion. Yes, you are reading this correctly, $19 BILLION, bigger than any that Apple […]


What we share on Facebook

Sharing an Umbrella

Facebook is a wonderful tool for individuals and business’ to share information. But what does everyone share the most? Photo’s come in highest at 70%, followed distantly by links at 14%. Surprised? Don’t be. People love to share photos and illustrations, therefore when you are using Facebook to engage with your clients and to also engage […]


Find Your Audience; Who’s on which social network(s).

Social Media Marketing

You know social media marketing is an important part of growing your business and reaching out to both customers and potential customers, but what are the best social media platforms to connect with YOUR target market? We’ve created this infographic to help you decide which social networks are most useful for your business. Share this […]


10 Creative Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 11.45.57 AM

Likes + Engagement = Facebook winning. So how can you boost your Facebook engagement without having to spend a lot of money? Try adding these 10 tips to your social media marketing plan.  Ask and you shall receive. Ask your fans to like and share your posts; sure it won’t always work but even if […]


Google Plus, A First Look Inside

June 29 marked Google’s launch of Google+ to a large test group of people. Google+ has been called Facebook’s new rival. It is their social platform with many similar and different features from Facebook. Google+ has the ability for group video chat, segmenting contacts, messaging, finding topics that you’re interested in, and sharing images, links, […]