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Need to find new customers for your business immediately? Online organic and paid search marketing strategies could be the driving force of your sales today.


Implement marketing strategies to increase your rank in search engines (SEO) and run competitive online advertising campaigns through Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising (PPC) to connect with customers who are already looking for your products or services and your website. 



How did you find THIS page? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tactical Internet marketing strategy within website design used to make your site more accessible for search engines and, as a result, more visible online for your potential clients to find you.


It's targeted, measurable and highly customizable.

Find local customers with strategic demographic and geographical targeting, right down to specific age groups and postal codes. Keep potential customers coming back with re-marketing ads through Google AdWords and AdRoll to drive traffic back to your website.

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Google Partner Agency


Google AdWords/search marketing or Facebook Advertising PPC (Pay Per Click) services could be a fast way to gain highly targeted traffic to your website. Our PPC campaigns are flexible and custom-tailored specifically to your media buying budget and your campaign’s size.

Why use Pay Per Click Advertising?

– Reach customers who are ready to buy by running marketing campaigns targeting committed consumers.

– Increase visibility for your business by showing up in search results on sites they trust for keywords that matter to your business goals.


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They did a great job optimizing our online presence for search engines, which is critical as 90% of our business comes from leads generated online. The staggering growth rate of our company can be largely attributed to our major online presence created by Cucumber Marketing.

Joel Murdoch – President, Fort Park Real Estate

Branding Design Fort Park

They understood my business goals and designed a brand (website design, social media, logo, business card, and more) + communications strategy that blew me away. Not only did they do a superb job on the brand but they were so incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with.  I can’t recommend this team highly enough. They are a true partner in my business.

Heather White – Speaker, Business Adviser

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