Responsive, growth-driven design website for Imagine Maintenance

Case Study: Full Service Growth-Driven Web Design Project and Marketing

I don’t say enough how appreciative I am that you and your team are holding up the marketing in the background. I remember the days when I pointed a flashlight into all the corners of the business and had a sinking feeling when I pointed it in the marketing direction, always knowing that even the basics were not being tended to adequately. Even worse was when we hired someone to put some energy there and they simply sent us the automated reports from AdWords, offered no opinions, and faded in the background while collecting their fees. You are awesome!
— Mike Payne, President

We launched a full-functioning, responsive website in a tight timeline and now we get to help it grow. Next steps: review data, make tweaks and grow conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

We kicked off the project with IMAGINE’s content strategy, starting with SEO research and keyword refresh.

By factoring in keyword search volume, relevance, competition and other factors, we identified the keywords that would allow IMAGINE to be found on search engines, using phrases that their customers would naturally search for.

We created all content on the website with SEO optimization in mind, along with a touch of creativity to showcase the brand. We benchmarked website performance before, during and after the launch, to continue to show ongoing improvements in SEO.

PPC Advertising

What are the keywords that drive sales?
Which of these keywords are the most lucrative?
How do we maximize profitability from our AdWords account?

By taking on IMAGINE’s Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, we answered all these questions and more from a digital marketing perspective.

For example – how does seasonality play into optimizing an inbound marketing campaign for an exterior cleaning service? We paired up with the experts in the industry – IMAGINE services – and host weekly sales call to ensure that AdWords performance is being reflected on the sales front.

Marketing Materials

To help IMAGINE reach potential customers out in the field, we designed custom door hangers for their team to distribute when they’re working in residential neighbourhoods.

Imagine Services Doorhangers | Outbound Marketing Materials Design

Taking the brand to any neighbourhood, we designed a vehicle wrap to help IMAGINE arrive in style.