Full Brand Refresh & Responsive Web Design

Jag Fabrication Ltd. specializes in high-end, custom-made stainless steel products for both business and home. Jag is at the forefront of elegance and we are proud to have helped them refresh their brand and online presence to match their fresh offering.

No longer a “man cave”- steel may be tough and durable – but Jag Fabrication’s products are fresh, sleek, and subtle, too. We introduced a more airy and friendly atmosphere to the website, bringing out the balance of the finely formed steel.

Printing The Mark

The Jag Fabrication brand was refreshed and expanded through branding materials on the web, and in print.

The new logo shows off the sharpness of their product with a measured, chiseled, brandmark. When you think of stainless steel, you know that its place is in the heart of the home: the kitchen. We introduced new warm and inviting colours to bring a bit of the craftsmanship and soul of this centerpiece to the brand.

The sharp precision of the logo is carried through the brand with custom iconography.

Putting their best foot forward, everywhere.

The Jag Fabrication website was built with mobile in mind from the very start. We follow mobile-first development practices to ensure optimized layout and performance, no matter the circumstances.

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