How to Overcome Writer’s Block When Creating Content for A Business

Whether you’re managing a company’s website by writing monthly blogs or creating social media content, you know that writer’s block is real and can be frustrating and a challenge to overcome. We’ve all had moments where we can’t seem to come up with fresh ideas and don’t know what to put out that month. Perhaps you struggle with coming up with new content ideas regularly, or there’s pressure to produce high-quality, engaging captions, or maybe you don’t know what hashtags to use to optimize post-performance. Then there’s the whole process of creating visuals for your social media posts which can add to your long to-do list. This happens to everyone, even the best writers experience this from time to time. 

To overcome this, here are a few useful strategies that can help you create great content for any business.

  1. Be on social media. Identify current trends and modify them to make them relevant for your audience. You don’t have to reinvent anything, use what’s available to you and make it your own.
  2. Brainstorm with others, and do this often. Bounce off ideas with people you work with, they may have ideas but haven’t shared them with you because you didn’t ask. Or a conversation could spark new ideas. 
  3. Seize national days when creating content for social media. Pick days you think will resonate with your audience, and customize them to your brand. You could share a few each month. 
  4. Post content you’re confident about, as well as content that’s out of your comfort zone. This includes content that you’re not sure will do well and may be different from what you’re used to sharing. Not every post will be a winner, but it may surprise you. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
  5. Repurpose content you know has done well in the past. This is something I have heard a lot of content creators talk about lately. Be strategic about how and when you repurpose content and make sure to change it slightly to keep it fresh and engaging. If the content was successful the first time, there’s a reason it was successful. 
  6. Begin writing, you can always edit later. Just like Charles Bukowski said, “Writing about writer’s block is better than not writing at all.”

Whether you’re a business owner or create content for the business you work for, these strategies should help you beat writer’s block and successfully help you create content. 

Have any questions?

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Thank you for reading, and keep it cool!