How Does A Marketing Agency Track Customer Engagement?

Do you feel like you’re not using social media to its full potential? Maybe you’re on platforms like Instagram, but don’t know if it’s working? If this sounds familiar, then let us show you how a professional marketing agency leverages social media and tracks customer engagement.  

The first thing you’ll need to know is how Instagram’s algorithm works. Stay with us now! It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

So, what’s the Instagram algorithm all about?

The Instagram algorithm determines how your post will rank in a user’s feed. An important factor here, is engagement. The more engagement your post has, the more visible it will to your audience.

It also depends on the user themselves. If a specific user engages with your posts often, future posts will rank higher in their feed, compared to someone elses. 

In the past, Instagram would show posts in chronological order. It’s simple to understand, but isn’t as good for the overall user experience. So, Instagram rolled out this new algorithm. On the surface, it can be frustrating for creators who are new to the platform and want to share content, as limited engagement makes it harder for their posts to be seen.. However, once creators understand a few simple tricks and how the algorithm works, the rewards are wonderful.

What does engagement mean?

Simply put, engagement is any way that users interact with your posts. This can be liking, commenting on a post, video views, and.the often overlooked save feature. 

Saves don’t get much attention since they aren’t as flashy as likes or comments. But, Instagram LOVES saves, and when people save your post, the algorithm notices.

How does Instagram’s Save function work?

Instagram saves a photo to a user’s library when they click the bookmark icon on the right-hand side of the post. This way they can look at the post later. Here’s an example of how our marketing agency saves a post. 

Users can also create photo albums from posts they have saved. Here we created an album for some inspiration with the colour green. One of our marketing agency’s favourite colours! 

How can you see the number of Saves on a post?

Using a business account, you can get some great insights on what posts are performing well, and which ones are duds. To find out which is which, go to “View Insights”. Here you can see a bunch of data from the number of likes, comments, shares (direct messages) and saves a post gets. In this example, seven people saved our post. 

Why you should use the save feature

Although you can’t see who saved your post, you can see how many people have saved it. This can be a useful tool to determine what users like and what types of posts your audience wants to refer to down the road. Want to increase the number of saves and engagements of your posts? Try posting the following.


Share funny posts that people would want to share with others, or keep if they ever need a good laugh.


Provide useful tips that people can refer to in the future.


Give your audience some inspiration, here someone could save this post for inspiration when decorating their home.


Share a fun infographic, maybe your audience will learn something new!


Post a tutorial. This example shows how to create a Beetlejuice makeup look. A perfect Halloween costume idea!


Tell your audience about events, maybe they might save it to remind themselves to attend!


Create a checklist that people can follow. This one is a reminder to take care of yourself!

Did this article provide a fresh perspective? Did you learn something new about Instagram’s algorithm? 

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