Creative Facebook Ideas for Your Business

Your company’s Facebook page doesn’t just have to be all business. The great thing about most Social Media is that the environment is more open, personable, and familiar. This lets you get closer to your customers/fans and put a face to your business.

Check out some of these Facebook ideas to engage your fans and have a little fun.

  • Facebook photos
    Reinforce your brand image by customizing or changing up your profile picture. Check out these fun and impressive Facebook pages that made use of the new profile layout.

    Your Profile picture doesn’t have to be your logo either; change it up with promotions, announcements, highlights, and eye catching images related to your business.

  • Quiz your followers
    Quizzes on interesting and relevant topics can engage your fans and get them to spend more time on your page. There are many Facebook apps that create quizzes that are ready to share right away.
  • Customize your landing tab
    Having a custom tab definitely helps your business stand apart from the crowd (and also shows you have some Facebook savvy). Try making it interactive, mimic your website, provide a call to action or showcase a special deal!
  • Reward your fans
    Surprises are great; being unexpected can bring in a lot of positive attention. Reward your fans spontaneously with a simple “thank you” or a giveaway.
  • Groups
    Add a little exclusivity with Facebook Groups. You can make it private or public, invite who you want, have real-time chat, email each other, and share documents and images. This is another way to reward your top fans (or any other close members, co-workers, ambassadors, or administrators) by giving them access to selective information and the inside scoop.
  • Events
    You can also create event invitations (private or public) to on and offline get-togethers (Yes! Even meet your fans in person). It is also a great way for people to share where they’re going on their own profiles.
  • Contests
    Everybody loves free stuff! Run a contest or giveaway to engage, drive traffic, promote, and reward loyalty. Remember to check what you can and cannot do on Facebook.
  • Let fans browse your products in a Facebook album
    If you’re a store, you may want to showcase some of your products in an album, as another channel for reviews, traffic, and building hype. You can even build your own Facebook custom store using FBML or an app (e.g. Payvment).
  • Integrate your other assets
    If you have other successful videos, music, ads, other creative, interesting blog posts, leverage them and get extra exposure by posting them on Facebook.

Remember to err on the side of caution; not all businesses may be suitable. Know your Facebook fans and anticipate how they will react. If you want to know if these Social Media marketing tactics will work for you or if you want more options, come talk to us!

What businesses or brands do you think are doing a good job with their Social Media?

-Love, Danielle