Consumer Empowerment – What?

Consumer empowerment has always been a buzz word in the marketing industry and we’ve been talking about it quite a bit – but what exactly does it mean?

Traditionally, marketers have called all the shots and we’ve figured out what consumers want through market research. While still a valuable method of data collection, we’ve been given a channel to make figuring out what consumers want a lot easier: the internet.

The internet gives consumers a global voice that has the potential to make or break a brand and with social media hot on its heels, it is now easier than ever for a consumer to offer up their honest opinion of a brand, service or product. Without our permission, consumers have flipped the switch and made themselves more empowered, giving themselves the opportunity to change marketing as we know it. So, is this a bad thing?

Definitely not.

By empowering consumers, we allow them to call some of the shots. We allow them to tell us exactly what problems they have, how we can solve them and how it will fit seamlessly in their lives. Consumer empowerment can motivate your innovation taking “audience participation” to a new level.

Why is this good? We get better products and services that people are more likely to purchase, customers who feel good about brands that actually listen to them and in general – a lot more sales.

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