The 2014 World Cup Shatters Social Media Records – Again

Media Marketing

Last month we wrote about how the changes in online marketing over the last four years are reflected in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. From how the games are viewed to the marketing strategies utilized by some of the largest companies in the world, there’s no shortage of data that can be analyzed from the […]


The bird and the board: when to sing it and when to pin it

Social Media Icons Pinned

Between maintaining a page on Facebook, running PPC ads, blogging, and always keeping a focus on website design and SEO, we find clients often end up with  lots of channels  to manage and not enough resources to really grow their brand further on Twitter and Pinterest. Sure you might be on Twitter, as you should be […]


Tweeting to silence: What ‘Mute’ means for your brand

social media marketing - mute

Earlier this week, Twitter introduced a new and controversial feature called Mute which allows users to hide all tweets from specific accounts in their timeline. Alarmed? Fair enough. Let’s look at what it means for online marketers and social reach strategy. If a user mutes an account, it means that tweets and retweets from that […]


Social Media Giant Facebook purchases WhatsApp!


Whoever said money can’t buy you WhatsApp? I mean Happiness! Well for Facebook, this is certainly not the case. The social media giant has surpassed the $1 billion Instagram deal in 2012, proving this to be their largest acquisition at $19 billion. Yes, you are reading this correctly, $19 BILLION, bigger than any that Apple […]


Social Media Marketing. How visual are you?

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Social media is evolving before our eyes, quicker than people are gaining an intolerance to wheat. In particular, it is becoming more about the visuals. What does this mean you say? This means it is important for you to learn more about visual marketing via social media, in order for your business to stay ahead […]


Writing for Social Media

words in marketing

Aren’t words fascinating? I bow in awe and gratitude in front of those people who are naturally good with words. Words are so powerful. Words can make us feel good. They can make us look bad. They inspire and constrict. In marketing – words are the (s)words (!) that could cut your revenue in half […]


Social media marketing – we (Facebook) reach out to you

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The world of social media marketing is shifting and evolving and yes, it may affect your marketing strategy, so listen up! When you’re marketing your business on Facebook, your posts ‘reach’ a certain amount of people – the two types of reach are Organic and Paid. First, let’s get back to basics and define the […]


Why your marketing mix might have the case of dirty/fresh socks…

Green Socks

*Nearly half of business leaders are planning on increasing their social media marketing budget in 2014. Are you planning on running social media campaigns this year? Whether you have jumped on the social media bandwagon or not, it’s never too late to look at your marketing mix and see where you are putting your marketing […]


Social Media Marketing – give your brand the *right* voice

vintage microphone

When writing content for social media, it is important to consider the following aspects: Who your audience is Your brand’s tone of voice Your brand values What message you want to portray The call to action Who your audience is One way to appeal to your audience on social media is by making sure your […]


…but what kind of ROI will I get from Social Media?

Social Media ROI - marketing Vancouver

Despite the cheesiness of this photo, we seriously would LOVE to see our clients do this… when we send them our monthly reports on how their social media marketing campaigns are doing and what kind of ROI they are getting from it. Truth be told – social media is not an ordinary marketing tool, that […]