Why your marketing mix might have the case of dirty/fresh socks…

Green Socks

*Nearly half of business leaders are planning on increasing their social media marketing budget in 2014. Are you planning on running social media campaigns this year? Whether you have jumped on the social media bandwagon or not, it’s never too late to look at your marketing mix and see where you are putting your marketing […]


Social Media Marketing – give your brand the *right* voice

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When writing content for social media, it is important to consider the following aspects: Who your audience is Your brand’s tone of voice Your brand values What message you want to portray The call to action Who your audience is One way to appeal to your audience on social media is by making sure your […]


…but what kind of ROI will I get from Social Media?

Social Media ROI - marketing Vancouver

Despite the cheesiness of this photo, we seriously would LOVE to see our clients do this… when we send them our monthly reports on how their social media marketing campaigns are doing and what kind of ROI they are getting from it. Truth be told – social media is not an ordinary marketing tool, that […]


A 5-step simple marketing formula of a perfect Facebook post.

how to write a perfect Facebook post

Is social media marketing a part of your marketing plan? If so, I bet 99% of you at least have a Facebook Page setup for your business. Whether you manage your Facebook Page yourself or have a marketing agency take care of it for you, you want to know how to create a perfect Facebook […]


Brands + Social Media Marketing

Twitter marketing Vancouver - bird

As a Marketing Greenhouse in a competitive industry, we need to be on top of our game. In order to stay on top of our game, we need to ensure we are one step ahead and always focus on gaining the best results for our clients. Whilst working on social media marketing for our clients and managing […]


Social Media marketing experts are becoming extinct. Or are they?

Dragon Fruit

If you want to be a social media expert, now is your time. A friend of mine mentioned to me this morning that he heard a report claiming that in 5 years there will be no “social media experts.” Implying that everyone will be  proficient in running a social media marketing campaign, and there will […]


Social media marketing: express yourself

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Nowadays, as hard as you’re fighting against it, it has become the norm to have at least one social media account to promote your business, whether it be: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +,  Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Social media marketing has claimed its spot in the marketing plan, and not going anywhere, that’s for sure. As […]


7 promotional ideas to keep your brand fresh on Facebook!

Keyboard Facebook Like

Facebook is an amazing tool to promote your business or your brand. It takes up a huge part of your marketing plan and needs to be used in a smart way to increase your profits and your notoriety. Here are 7 ideas to promote your business or your brand on Facebook. Introduce your team to your […]


Facebook Likes vs. Facebook Engagement


Having a lot of Facebook likes and high engagement on your page is kind of like having your cake and eating it too. (And really, what’s the point of just having the cake anyhow?) Now that you’ve got your Facebook fans; what’s next? And which measure is more important, Facebook likes or Facebook engagement (likes, […]


Find Your Audience; Who’s on which social network(s).

Social Media Marketing

You know social media marketing is an important part of growing your business and reaching out to both customers and potential customers, but what are the best social media platforms to connect with YOUR target market? We’ve created this infographic to help you decide which social networks are most useful for your business. Share this […]