Bricks To Clicks? Google Places can get your Local Business Online in a Flash

Having a physical store doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive to the online world and Internet marketing. Working hand in hand can give your local business a double advantage. Google Places can do just that.

Google Places allows your local business to be listed and found on Google properties. This includes Google Maps, local advertising, and even local searches, boosting your Search Engine Optimization.

It is extremely useful for any potential customer; Google Maps has become a go-to place for information:

  • 1 million hours are spent browsing Google Maps and Earth each day
  • 1 in 5 searches is local

What happens when you list your local business on Google Maps?

Google Maps Cucumber Marketing

  • Your business is found by many new customers who want to go to your store. Local and relevant businesses are listed right next to the map and strengthen local SEO.
  • Enhance your Adwords. Google brings together your Adwords Ads and local information to deliver local ad formats (includes maps, addresses, and phone number in your ads), pinpoint local targeting to a T, and manage multiple locations with ease.
  • Qualify and inform your customers. Google’s Place listings gives you the power to customize and manage how your business is seen, even before they step inside your store. You control your address, phone number, photos, reviews, and you can add maps and street view to your listing.

Google Places gives you the tool to broaden and fine-tune your targeting. It takes the guesswork out of how your business is found on Google and how customers find your business (in traditional advertising, you don’t know who sees your ad).

Contact us to set up your Google Place and fire up your Local Search Optimization!