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April’s Topic: New to E-commerce.



marketing tips on selling products

Sell your product: 3 common sense marketing tips to keep in mind.

Why marketing? To sell more, of course. Fundamentally, marketing is the act of promoting a product or service for the sake of selling it. Marketing is actionable. It’s about strategizing and then acting on your strategy. Without the smart execution, there’s no marketing. Or there’s – wasted – time and money. Cultivate thought: Speaking of […]


Branding through Twitter

3 Tips to Improve Your Branding Through Twitter

Building off our previous post on branding during the off-season, we’re going to discuss the specific ways in which you can improve your branding through Twitter. Twitter is useful during the busy season because you’ll be able to live tweet updates during events, provide promotional information, and engage enthusiastic followers at their highest peak of interest. […]


Facebook Social Media

Social Media Marketing – 3 Facebook Changes Affecting Your Metrics

The social media space is constantly changing, and as marketing managers we need to adapt. A lot has changed with how Facebook tracks its metrics in 2015, so we’ve summarized the 3 most important points that would impact you as a Facebook Page admin. These changes directly affect your monthly reports, so it’s important that you have a […]


Marketing for e-commerce: 5 ways to promote your new e-commerce website.

Your beautiful e-commerce website is up and running. Now what? How do you make sure that people find your website and start buying from your online store? If you already have a marketing strategy in place for your business, then I will invite you to add the word “e-commerce”  in the following sentences. See, there’s marketing, […]



5 common myths about your new e-commerce website.

You are finally ready. You’ve decided to move ahead and build a professional e-commerce website for your business. There’re a lot of things to consider – from choosing the right e-commerce platform to figuring out what best online marketing tools to use to bring traffic to your new website. As prepared as you might be, here […]


Source: MarketingSherpa, 2005

Happy CRO Day! Here are 4 Tips on Optimizing Conversion Rates

If you haven’t heard, today marks the first annual international CRO Day! Conversion Rate Optimization, otherwise known as CRO, is a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign. If you’re a business in the CPG/retail industry, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate unless that traffic leads to a conversion! Conversion – The Greatest […]


Branding - Cucumber Marketing

Branding – living your brand values every day

What does branding mean to you? Branding is not just about putting your logo all over the place – it’s about living your brand and showing it through the actions you take. If you promote enthusiasm with your brand, I hope this enthusiasm also holds true in the workplace. At Cucumber Marketing, we always find […]


container ship

Planning your first e-commerce website? 5 things you need to know.

Naturally, there are more than 5 things you need to know about your new e-commerce website, but this post will get you started thinking in the right direction. With the never-ending options in the website design space, e-commerce might feel even more overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Like anything new, it will take […]