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Happy Lunar New Year of the Goat! Whether you celebrate the occasion or not, we wish you continued success in all your business and personal endeavours. Why not take the opportunity of a New Year to gain a fresh perspective on your existing media channels? Enter the concept of paid, owned, and earned. Chances are, your […]


marketing and sales

Will your marketing strategy bring you sales this quarter?

By definition marketing’s pure purpose is to drive sales, however, marketing is not sales. Our clients come to use wanting to grow their business, and rightfully so, they expect to see sales increase after engaging in our marketing services. However, there’s a fundamental difference between marketing and sales – understanding the boundaries will often make all the […]


marketing for franchises

Marketing for franchises. Two points that will make all the difference.

Marketing is marketing. Right? Every business (that wants to grow) needs marketing. Would the solution be the same for all types of businesses? Not really. And here’s why. Even though yes, it’s true – marketing is marketing and the marketing tools we use for various industries would be similar. What is different is the strategy – […]


3d target audience

Who is your website talking to?

Website Design For your Target Audience A common misconception when planning marketing moves is that people want to attract “everyone.” But everyone is different. There should always be an intended audience who will be the most impacted with your brand’s message. Your website is likely the first touch point with your audience. This opens up a […]


Apple's U2 fiasco

How to avoid marketing fails in 2015

The core purpose of marketing is to get a reaction. To get people talking about your products or services. Naturally, marketing appeals to human emotions, and is based on human psychology. With that, there’re going to be different types of triggers that would get the reaction of 2 different people. What seems to be funny to one […]


best ads of 2014

Marketing meets purpose. Our favourite ads of 2014.

Being hopeless believers in meaningful marketing and branding, we couldn’t help but share our favourite ads and marketing campaigns of 2014. Marketing is a powerful tool, and when used purposefully it can create tremendous waves, challenging the old school thinking, and shifting people’s paradigms. We are happy to see these social ads, created by powerful […]


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The psychology behind heart-centred branding.

How can social entrepreneurs balance their desire to do good, with operating in an extremely competitive, harsh-reality business world? Is there any difference in the way a marketing or branding campaign would be structured for a “heart-centred” business? We believe so, and here’s why. Having a unique business model calls for a unique approach to […]


What Google Analytics can tell you about your web design

How Website Analytics can help improve your marketing.

During your last web design process, you very likely had Google Analytics set up for your website. Google Analytics is by far the most widely used platform for getting statistics and data about your website. When set up correctly, it can be one of the most powerful tools to understand your customers and continually optimize […]