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This Month’s Topic: Branding for retail & CPG.




How to use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram is famous for being one of the trendiest marketing mediums. As a purely visual platform, Instagram allows the business user to display their best products and proud moments to the world, steadily gaining followers and reaping in Likes. But for years, Instagram has proven to be a pretty fickle medium to use. The lack of […]


Custom Websites

Template vs. Custom Websites – What’s the Value Difference?

How much do you value the first impression? As a marketing agency, we always get asked the difference between a template and a custom-designed website. Many people assume that, as long as the website looks pretty and gets the job done, the more efficient choice is usually the better option. But choosing between a template-based and custom-designed […]


Value of Branding

What’s the Value of your Branding Campaign?

Branding is an ongoing process that is crucial to your business success. Or, at least, that’s what everyone tells you. How do you break down the value of your branding campaign in specific, quantifiable terms? We delve into the fickle topic of quantifying brand value in today’s blog post. Branding Affects Revenue Profit is the […]


Branding Cat

How do CPG/Retail Businesses Maintain Branding Presence?

Branding presence is your brand’s ability to resonate with your target audience on a frequent basis. This is different from brand awareness, which is simply the recognition of your brand’s existence and values. Brand awareness does not breed brand loyalty for your CPG/retail business, whereas brand presence will do just that. Branding presence encourages meaningful interaction between […]


Branding Stands Out

5 Steps to Optimize Your CPG/Retail Branding

When you’re branding your CPG/Retail business, you need to identify your primary message, the channels in which your message will be delivered, and the ways in which you will measure the effectiveness of your campaign. This can often be a daunting task for small business owners, so we’ve drafted 5 steps to optimize your CPG/Retail branding campaign […]


Branding for CPG/Retail

Branding Your CPG & Retail Business

Branding your business requires time, effort, and strategic thinking. Your brand is not simply a logo or product. Your brand is made up of what your customers think about your business, and the ways in which you provide value to your customers. When executing your marketing strategy, not only do you have to think about where […]



Evoke the right kind of emotion in your target audience: the fun side of branding.

When I say fun, I also mean tricky. It’s fun and tricky at the same time. Why so? Read on. The primary focus of branding is to evoke an emotion. To establish an emotional connection with your customer (but not in an intrusive way). Branding is subtle. (Smooooooth operator… as Sade would say). Just because […]


FB campaign

Marketing with Facebook – How to Build a Social Media Following

Facebook is the world’s most popular social platform. Unlike Twitter, Facebook gives you the freedom to post long pieces of text alongside creatives in order to reach and engage with your core audience. Social media marketing on Facebook generally works well for small businesses and CPG/Retail clients, but is less effective for B2B businesses. There […]