The #IceBucketChallenge by the numbers

ice bucket challenge - social media

You’ve heard about it, and you might have even participated in it – the Ice Bucket Challenge has been getting some major social media love this summer (and is not showing any signs of slowing down). While this challenge is targeted at promoting awareness of ALS, one can’t help but notice that the challenge is becoming a […]


What your Google AdWords account is telling you


  For too many reasons to fully explore here, we love Google AdWords PPC advertising. Advertising through AdWords can help immediately put your business in front of thousands of potential customers searching online, in targeted locations. And with negative keywords and specific targeting, it can make help make sure you don’t spend your advertising budget […]


The 7 elements of effective homepage design

Home design

Home, sweet home. Whether you’re starting a website redesign or developing your business’s website for the first time, it’s almost certain that no page is more critical than your homepage. Whether your potential customers find your website on organic search, through PPC advertising or from your business card, the homepage is their main door into your […]


What does your branding say about your business?

Love brands

We write a lot about various aspects of brand identity development and how it relates to online and offline marketing strategy. One question we often hear from small businesses in particular is why branding matters. Taking it back to basics, here are five great (and tweetable!) reasons why your brand strategy should come first: Branding […]


The Dos and Don’ts of Website Design

Dos and Don't of Web Design

Before you are ready to dive into your next web design project, considers the things you can do to improve your strategies and compete with today’s online market. These simple “dos and don’ts” target some of the best website design practices including planning, layout, images, and content. Each project is an opportunity to improve and […]


Remarketing: Bringing Visitors Back to Your Website Automatically


Assuming you’ve already launched a great website and implemented SEO stratagies to make sure your customers can find you in search engine results, you’ll have potential customers visiting your site on a regular basis. Great! There’s a lot you can do to convert visitors into customers within your website — that’s where having a functional […]


What to expect from your Google AdWords campaigns

Google AdWords for your business

Are you a business owner that’s been considering Google AdWords pay per click ads to increase targeted traffic to your site? Or, maybe you’re already running ads on the Google search network and trying to optimize your campaign based on your historical performance.. Either way, Google AdWords is one of the most targeted ways to […]


IKEA launched a new website (sort of) through Instagram


IKEA’s online marketing division in Russia just launched a new mini-website for their PS furniture collection. What’s so special about it? The new ‘website’ is actually a series of Instagram posts across 35 separate Instagram accounts, linked in a way that simulates the look and navigation of a traditional website design. The Instagram pages allows people to […]