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Email marketing tips for retail brands

Getting Personal: Email Marketing Tips For Retail Brands

If you’ve been sitting gaping at your Facebook wall, waiting for engagement and sales to happen then get ready for a surprise. Email marketing is more powerful than any other marketing tool! An average urban Canadian adult spends close to six hours a day checking emails on his mobile or his desktop PC. There are […]


How to get footfalls from facebook to your local retail store

Facebook Engagement Tips For Local Brands: Drive Footfalls To Your Store

If you’ve recently opened the Facebook app on your mobile phone, you must have noticed how it’s enticing you into clicking a photograph for the Olympics at Rio to share on your wall. It’s even throwing in some cool icons and graphics to play with. That’s more proof that personal sharing is down on Facebook. People are using Facebook […]


How to make summer sales work better

How to make your summer sale work (without offering any further reductions)

Every year fashion brands rush the seasons upon us. Only a few months back I was staring at a swimsuit in a store window while wearing a double-layered bomber jacket! I wondered then what this window would show me when it’s actually time to wear a swimsuit. Well, I’m a lazy shopper. It’s difficult to move me unless you give me a […]


Rules for social media marketing

How to grow your retail brand with an Editorial Calendar

Being a social media manager can be a little bit overwhelming at times. Trends change every week and it is difficult to create content that works equally well on all the platforms your audience uses. You might be getting followers on Instagram but is your content powerful enough to get them to your retail store? […]


Pokemon Go Marketing

Five Local Marketing Tips For Pokémon Go

Who hasn’t heard about Pokémon Go? The official app for the latest craze was released for Canadian users yesterday – leading to an influx of trainers, gym battlers and aspiring Pokémon masters. The app was released in Australia and New Zealand over a week ago – but that didn’t stop Canadians from downloading the game and […]


Using Hashtags like a pro

Are you using hashtags the best way possible? Answer these questions to find out.

In 2007, Chris Messina a former Googler, invented hashtags and in 2016, it is one of the most powerful tools to feature your content where it’s needed and reach out to people outside your followers or fans. It’s a simple character which has existed for years and you don’t need a certificate to use it. […]


Volkswagon's Think Small Campaign

4 great ideas that were ridiculed at first. The last one will totally surprise you.

At Cucumber we truly believe that all ideas should be encouraged. You never know when someone will buy one for millions, eh? Well, jokes apart. Everything, big or small, beautiful or not, begins with an idea and every big idea is a challenge. It’s a protest. It is something unusual. Something that people will probably […]


Working AdWords Is Like Climbing

Why Do I Need An Agency To Manage AdWords?

A question we get from time to time is “Why do I need a marketing agency to manage my Google AdWords account? I know my business best – shouldn’t I do it on my own?” Building a successful Google AdWords campaign is like starting a new business in any industry. It’s a large undertaking with many […]