Social Media for Retail Businesses

Retail Space in Gastown

What does the social media landscape really look like for retail companies today? What should your retail business be doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the countless other networks that are now used for social media marketing? When addressing this seemingly daunting question, it’s less important to think about your specific industry and line of […]


Why Location is Everything in Google AdWords


Last week, we explained some of the most useful ad extensions that Google AdWords offers advertisers to help make ads stand out, and easier to interact with. These are ideal for optimizing your ads, but what about more general AdWords campaign optimization? When we first look at our new client’s exciting AdWords accounts, one common […]


What is branding? The 3 defining milestones.


Branding {verb} – a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. I love this definition as it hits the nail on the head – branding is a process. It’s a disciplined activity – a continuous process that never ends.   Branding Process Branding strategy is a holistic process of discovering a company’s BIG IDEA, and implementing its story […]


Make Your AdWords Ads Do More with Ad Extensions

Forumla 1 Car

Many of our clients love to use Google AdWords PPC advertising to help drive traffic to their website or e-commerce stores, and the default ad format that Google suggests when setting up a campaign are a great start to achieve these goals. However, there are now 11 different types of ad extensions available to make your ads stand out […]


3 reasons to start your branding process today.

branding strategy

There’s no doubt,  your brand is your business’s intangible asset. It’s also a fact that branding takes time and a whole lot of effort and discipline (from everyone on your team – your marketing department to your sales people). However, like any growing business, you probably say, well, I already have so many things on […]


Branding: The Constant Evolution

Flat Design

This month we’re looking back at how marketing has changed over the last six years that we’ve been established as an online marketing agency, and along with the dramatic changes in website design, one of the most visible differences between 2008 and today can be seen in brand identities across all industries. Pictured above are current logos […]


Branding Strategy and Identity Development – Planting the *Right Seeds*

branding strategy

Do you have a *brand*? What is your brand? How do you know when your brand becomes an “identity.” Is it when you design your logo? Is it hidden between the letters in your company’s name? When does your brand begin to exist?   Branding strategy, shall you opt in to develop one, covers all of […]


Effective Web Design – The Three Things You Can’t Afford To Ignore.

web design

Your website is on a mission. Its role is  multidimensional  – to support your brand, to assist your marketing efforts, and to facilitate your sales processes (even if you are not selling anything on your website, you are still “selling yourself”).   In the world where our attention span is shrinking year over year, and the […]