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This Month’s Topic: Branding to #ThinkFresh



marketing phrases to avoid

7 marketing terms to stop using in 2016

Marketing is both, the promise and the delivery. But what happens when we promise something (while necessary and totally valid) that is so overused that our listeners are getting immune to it? Collectively, marketers are responsible for literally killing a few brilliant tools and platforms, when we start to “over-market” or when our words lose […]


Instagram Vancouver

Unraveling Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Instagram recently released advertising options to its visuals-heavy platform, and already we’re knee-deep in testing its marketing effectiveness for our clients. Adding to our social media suite of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on Instagram have some interesting results when stacked against other PPC options. Here’s what Advertising for Instagram means for you – and […]


Fresh Morning Dew

Does Your Business #ThinkFresh In Its Marketing?

Marketing isn’t about doing the same thing better. It’s about fulfilling a need, and approaching the problem differently to find new ways of doing things. People want cars, not faster horses. This is why we #ThinkFresh. Does Your Business #ThinkFresh? Your business is but one part of the greater picture. Your customers are the ultimate judge of your […]


Web Design Month

What can we learn about Web Design from Sales?

Web Design Month – Summary This month we tackled the importance of web design and how it facilitates business growth. We’ve discussed how to gauge website performance, as well as how marketing functionalies can support web design. We’ve even delved into how web design facilitates the branding process. The last piece of the puzzle is in discussing how […]


Website Design - Look Sharp!

Where Does Web Design Fit in the Branding Process?

Branding is an ongoing process that encompasses all aspects of your business. Your work culture, your beliefs, everything that you do work together to build your brand. We’ve talked before about the value of branding, but where exactly does Web Design lie in the picture? Marketing and Branding often go hand-in-hand, but the importance of Web […]


Sales Supported by Marketing

Top 3 Marketing Functionalities In Web Design That Help You Sell

Web Design isn’t just a concept of making a website pretty. There’s a lot of hidden depth behind the trade, from SEO and responsive design through to functionality and marketing tools. A freshly done website does more than “wow” visitors, but also makes sure that the visit itself is seamless, targeted, and ultimately helps you […]


Website Design that Works Harder

Does Your Web Design Work For You?

Hard metrics are at the core of every business strategy. Web design is no different. While it’s nice to have a fancy-looking site, the deeper question needs to be asked: Does your website work for you, or do you work for your website? The ultimate goal of a site is to help you grow your business […]



Harness Business Growth Using Brand Associations

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Does your marketing strategy truly allow your business to grow? Are you growing at a fast pace, or is your growth slowing down? Critiquing your brand is the first step to analyzing your business’ potential for growth, and is the reason why we love creating and executing brand strategy. […]