Why isn’t your website bringing you sales?

sales focused web design vancouver

As a marketing agency that also specializes in web design, we find many clients we work with initially don’t fully consider the impact their website can have on their overall business success. We’d like to shed some clarity on the matter for every business that’s looking to grow their sales this quarter and into the new […]


We’re Hiring! Sales Representative Job for Marketing Agency in Vancouver

Sales Representative Job Vancouver Marketing

Calling all Outside Sales Reps! We’re growing, and we’re looking for a Sales Representative to help build long-term relationships with new clients. If you have the proven experience to reach private and municipal clients in a way that matters (and delivers measurable results), we want to hear from you. Our agency specializes in delivering the freshest […]


Cucumber is a Google Partner Agency!

Google Partners Marketing Agency

We’re proud to maintain our status as a Google Partner agency! The Google Partners program is an initiative through Google and AdWords to recognize and promote marketing agencies that show high performance in paid search management. Agencies with Google Partners status are recognized for having the knowledge and skills to provide great customer service and maximize return […]


Living Your Brand, The Critical Process

Branding Strategy Vancouver

As a branding agency, we’re driven by the goal of translating all of the various aspects of a company’s vision into a clear and consistent branding strategy. But what happens next? As we grow with our clients, the key to success is living that brand. Consider your favourite brands. Or look at some of the largest […]


What does $5 really get you on Fiverr?

If you’re versed in the design world, or if you’ve been looking into branding a business, you’ve likely come across Fiverr. Similar to many other services (but centred around the single, rock-bottom price) Fiverr promises to connect people with freelancers, who in turn offer a countless number of services for less than the price of a venti […]


Social Media for Retail Businesses

Gastown Vancouver Retail Minimalism

What does the social media landscape really look like for retail companies today? What should your retail business be doing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the countless other networks that are now used for social media marketing? When addressing this seemingly daunting question, it’s less important to think about your specific industry and line of […]


Why Location is Everything in Google AdWords

location targeting with google adwords

Last week, we explained some of the most useful ad extensions that Google AdWords offers advertisers to help make ads stand out, and easier to interact with. These are ideal for optimizing your ads, but what about more general AdWords campaign optimization? When we first look at our new client’s exciting AdWords accounts, one common […]


What is branding? The 3 defining milestones.


Branding {verb} – a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. I love this definition as it hits the nail on the head – branding is a process. It’s a disciplined activity – a continuous process that never ends.   Branding Process Branding strategy is a holistic process of discovering a company’s BIG IDEA, and implementing its story […]