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This Month’s Topic: Social Media and Content Marketing



Branding Cat

What’s the deal with Content Marketing?​

Have you ever left work on a Friday afternoon, ready for the weekend, only to see a bunch of unrelated ads pop up on Facebook? Ew. What a buzzkill. Here’s the deal – ​no-one likes an intrusive ad​. Not only are they annoying to customers, but they’re also less effective. In fact, 83% of consumers […]



February Free Wallpaper: #together

We can do more together! Download some inspiration for your desktop, tablet or phone! Compliments of Team Cucumber and Helen Keller :)


Branding your retail store: what your customers secretely think

I’ve just moved to a new neighbourhood. While, I was already familiar with the area, living here, gave me an opportunity to explore Vancouver in a new light, to look at the surrounding parks and businesses from a fresh perspective. Naturally, I couldn’t help but analyze everything from a marketing or branding perspective. There’s a […]


Google SEO

What Can We Learn From Google’s Algorithm Over The Years

Let’s talk Google. Google is the world’s biggest search engine, but you already knew that. You know that Google caters the top search results for the reader’s query. But do you know how Google does it? Probably not. The truth is, you’ll probably never know how Google really works. As a marketing manager or small business […]


DNA Graphic Image

Freshly Done: RepeatDx

The New Year brings new things to be grateful for and to be proud of. Just like one of our most recent projects – Repeat Diagnostics. This Freshly Done project, similar to many of our clients, challenged and taught us so much that we’ve decided to turn this into a regular blog post category with a little […]


search engine optimization

SEO – We’re Not Ruled By Robot Overlords

When someone says “Search Engine Optimization” what instantly comes to your mind? Page rank, robots, crawlers? We hope that after reading this article, the first thing that pops in your head is “content.” Don’t Work for Google. Let Google Work for You. Remember this: Google works for the user, which in this case are your […]


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How to achieve work-life balance. Let’s ask Thomas Edison or Picasso.

When we talk about or “strive for” work-life balance – what do we usually mean by that? What are we actually looking for in that? So to speak, what would be the end result of this infamous “balance”? I assume, most of us would reply with something like this: I want to enjoy life more, […]


Trump Tower - Cucumber Marketing, Vancouver

Vancouver and the Trump. What can we learn from the rise of his brand.

We’ve moved to our current Marketing Greenhouse (a.k.a. office) on Robson Street, Vancouver in August of 2013.  And we even had a sliver of the ocean view, and the North Shore mountains (on a sunny day, that is).   Fast forward to 2016 and the view has changed a lot. Today, we are witnessing the full […]