Why Marketing Conferences Are Still a Fresh Thing To Do for a Marketing Agency

We attended the Social Pacific conference that took place in Vancouver at the end of March. The conference brought together marketers from various parts of Canada to learn and discuss the latest trends, best practices, and case studies in social media and marketing in general. The conference offered a wealth of insights and actionable strategies that our marketing agency can now take and implement in the work we do for our clients. Here are some highlights and key takeaways from the conference.

Inclusivity on social media can increase your reach.

It is no secret that social media platforms are constantly trying to improve their user’s experience on their platforms in order to keep users engaged for longer. As marketers, we want more reach and engagement on posts. Using alt text and all other inclusive tools on every social media platform can help us do exactly that. By not leveraging the tools provided by these platforms, we have a higher chance of missing out on reaching new people. Let’s say we skip out on using alt text and captions on reels; for instance, we miss out on reaching a large group of people with disabilities that rely on these tools to be able to interact with our content. According to Statistics Canada, “In 2017, 22% of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over had one or more disabilities.” This number has most likely risen. The key takeaway is to try and use as many tools as possible that each platform has to offer, but try to be smart about it. Use the tools as they were intended to be used. 

Using AI as an assistant to amplify our work.

AI tools such as ChatGPT have been a great topic of discussion in the last few months, and we anticipate the conversations around it to continue as the technology evolves. There have been two sides to the discussion, can AI replace marketers, or can AI be used as a helping hand? As marketers, we’ve come to realize that AI has its limitations and cannot replace humans when it comes to writing purposeful content for a company. AI tools lack voice and tone when writing copy, they don’t have an understanding of who the client is and what their business stands for. As humans, we build relationships with our clients and get to know their company, and therefore we understand their brand voice. Our digital marketing agency also checks the accuracy of our information, while AI’s information is not always accurate, no matter how confidently it provides its information. The takeaway from this is that AI is a useful tool that marketers should use as an assistant and can help us amplify our work. 

Using LinkedIn is essential for businesses and professionals.

Did you know that 45.4% of Canada’s entire population is on LinkedIn? Using the tools LinkedIn offers can help businesses reach more people and identify as an expert in their industry. Some of these tools include putting out a newsletter and sharing blog posts directly through LinkedIn. Another way is by sharing LinkedIn-friendly posts, such as memes and carousels, which can also help content reach more people as it’s sharable and relatable. 

Attending the Social Pacific conference and seeing so many people in the same industry as us was an incredible experience. As marketers, we need to be in the know of industry trends and implement them when it’s beneficial. This conference provided insightful information on various topics, AI being one of the most interesting topics since it’s been a popular topic of discussion lately. 

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about using marketing trends for your company’s marketing, reach out to our digital marketing agency located in downtown Vancouver. We would be happy to discuss this with you further!  

Thank you for reading, and keep it cool!